Oct 10 2017

Chrysler’s Chrysler a Hit at the 2017 Hershey AACA Meet

The 1937 Chrysler Imperial C-15 LeBaron Town Car attracted large crowds last Saturday at the 2017 Hershey AACA Meet.


Howard Kroplick

Over 1,500 automobiles were on field enjoyed by thousands of spectators.

To meet ACCA judging requirements, Chrysler's Chrysler had its canvass roof in place in the morning.

John Cuocco was dressed for the meet.

Chrysler's Chrysler was parked next to Nicola Bulgari's 1937 Chrysler Imperial. Note the matching fronts.

This automobile sure did shine!

The Amendola and Kroplick families have known each other for over 75 years!

Crowds lined the street as automobiles left the meet.

The AACA Awards Gala on Saturday night.

Chrysler's Chrysler received its Senior AACA Award.


Oct 15 2017 S. Berliner, III 7:18 PM

Howard, I’m no 1937 Chrysler specialist but it seems to me that Bulgari’s car is “only” an Imperial 8 and yours is a Custom Imperial 8.  Sam, III

Oct 15 2017 mark schaier 8:52 PM

Was there, Howard thanks for posting the Nicola Bulgari’s car collection website, remember reading something about it some time ago, met a member of the restoration staff of the collection with one of a number Bugrari’s cars that was at the meet from Allentown. With some 1500 on car show field plus the car corral stuff, no need for any local car show to go to.

Oct 15 2017 frank femenias 9:21 PM

That’s how I remembered the Chrysler’s Chrysler in person, the paint job was exquisite, resembling deep tinted glass or black mirror. Beautiful work restoring this automobile, congrats gentlemen!

Oct 16 2017 mark schaier 8:45 AM

The Bulgari’s car collection has some 120 ordinary cars, yours is historic.

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