Oct 07 2015

A 1910 Blueprint of Two Long Island Motor Parkway Bridges in Commack & Brentwood

This is a rare look at the blueprint for the Long Island Motor Parkway bridges over Commack Road (Commack) and Wicks Road (Brentwood).


Howard kroplick

There was a 12-foot clearance from the road. The width of the bridge was 26-feet.

The width of the Motor Parkway was 15 feet.

The blueprint was for identical bridges over Wicks Road (Brentwood) and Commack Road (Commack). It had an initial revison date as March 9, 1909 and a final revision date as August 18, 1910.


Oct 08 2015 Wayne 6:15 AM

I think this is only one bridge not two. I think Wicks and Commack Road are the same road. The title on the drawing says “OR” and I think that refers to the two different names of the same road. Also It would be amazing if two bridges had exactly the same measurements.
From Howard Kroplick

Thanks Wayne. Checking the Motor Parkway map, the blueprint was likely for the bridges on Commack Road (Commack) and Wicks Road (Brentwood).

Oct 08 2015 Dave Russo 4:36 PM

Things sure were simpler in these times. Imagine submitting these plans to a building department today! RIGHT!!!!

Oct 09 2015 Wayne 12:00 PM

I’m still stumped. These bridges are east of Deer Park Ave and in an earlier post it says: “The Motor Parkway Bridge over Deer Park Avenue was the most easterly bridge built in Suffolk County.” Were they ever built?
Here is the post:

From Howard Kroplick

Wayne, good point. These bridges were planned but never built.

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