Aug 18 2017

A Very Special Message from Professor Pau Medrano Bigas -Our Friend in Barcelona

In wake of yesterday's Barcelona terrorist attack, I sent a message to Professor Pau Medrano Bigas, a wonderful contributor to

Hi Pau:
Our hearts and prayers are with everyone in Barcelona.
Your friend on Long Island,

Here is his reply received today:

Thanks for your words and wishes, Howard.  Fortunately all is OK for us, our family and friends (although our daughters were very near to the attack, and we were worried).
Yes, it was terrible. Las Ramblas Is the busiest street in Barcelona, it is just in the historical center of the city and every day thousands of people pass by it visiting our city and its monuments.
We are really worried and sorry for the victims and their families. Barcelona had been and it is a host land for people from different cultures, religions and countries. Here there no are problems of coexistence, integration and respect.
But terrorist wanted presence on the TV News, and they commited and will commit crimes against innocent people to do propaganda. The first big blow against democracy was 11-September, in Montreal (2014)… and near us, in Europe, were terrorism in Madrid, Paris, Niza, London, Manchester, Berlin, Bruxelas, Stockolm … and now Barcelona.
This is not the end of story, but WE HAVE NO FEAR.
Thanks again for your solidarity, I really appreciate it. 
Your friend in Barcelona,



Aug 19 2017 Walt Gosden 6:21 PM

It was absolutely wonderful that you reached out to Pau. How thoughtful and kind was this gesture to a fellow enthusiast. Your kindness and concern continues to touch us all
Walt Gosden

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