Jan 15 2020

Alert: Alco Black Beast Sighting on Jericho Turnpike in Garden City Park

Steve Vilardi "spied this pretty monster on Jericho Turnpike in Garden City Park."

Steve, it is the Alco Black Beast nearing completion to a rebuild of its fan assembly and radiator at Sam's Greco's Custom Auto and Truck Shop.

While filming a segment of Fusion TV's Car versus America in July 2017, the bracket holding the fan broke and crashed into the radiator. It took over a year to fabricate a special new radiator. The good news is the Alco Black Beast should be ready to roar on Long Island in 2020 and participate in the Port Jefferson Hill Climb this summer.!

The accident was captured and can be seen at the 4:52 minute mark of the below film.


Howard Kroplick


Jan 15 2020 Casey DeNicola 11:35 PM

Was Sam Greco’s custom auto originally C.Neville?
Howard Kroplick

I will have to check on that one with Sam.

Jan 16 2020 Brian D McCarthy 9:31 AM

This was fun to watch! Reality TV at it’s best!

Jan 16 2020 Al Prete 4:55 PM

“I don’t think it’s a bad repair.” Famous last words.

All kidding aside, I’m glad the Beast will be back on the road soon.

That 1957 Buick in front of the repair shop is an eye catcher too.

Jan 19 2020 James 9:09 AM

As a kid my son Gram would make me pass that shop every weekend in hopes of seeking my the Black Beast being serviced. That passion grew into a lifequest as he is studies for a career in Auto Restoration at Penn College. So much of what he dreams for his future ties into his first season toting of the Black Beast and our countless strolls on The Motor Parkway.

Jan 19 2020 Roy Warner 10:28 AM

Absolutely beautiful 1957 Buick Special (3 portholes). The Doctor’s Car. I was 9 y/o at the time and remember it well.

Jan 30 2020 Tom 11:59 AM

Great seeing the black beast motoring down the streets!

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