Jan 20 2016

Anatomy of a 1910 Survey: Proposed Location of the Deer Park Lodge

My favorite co-author Al Velocci  was fascinated by last week's post on the Deer Park Road Motor Parkway Bridge and especially the 1910 March survey.

Al discovered the survey indicated the repositioning of the proposed Deer Park Lodge from north of the Motor Parkway to the south.


Howard Kroplick

The survey documented the 7.172 acres conveyed by Allsion E. Lowndes to the Long Island Motor Parkway, Inc.

The original survey was completed in March 1910.

The survey was revised in June 1910 showing the handwritten notation "proposed location of Lodge Deer Park Avenue."

The key sections of the survey.

The original planned location of the lodge, north of the Motor Parkway, was crossed out with the handwritten  notation "Out".

The handwritten notation, south of the Motor Parkway, read "Entrance to Lodge".

6.632 acres were allocated to the new location for the lodge.

The 1928 Motor Parkway Atlas confirmed the southern location of the proposed Deer Park Lodge.

Despite appearing on maps issued by the PR department of the Motor Parkway, the Deer Park Lodge was never built.


Jan 24 2016 frank femenias 5:54 PM

The Deer Park Lodge (if built), would have had average distances to preceding/following lodges (7 ½ mi. / 3 ¼ mi.), similar to other lodges on the LIMP. Perhaps the attached extra land behind was deemed useless, and the clincher for not purchasing or building. I was thinking a LIMP maintenance yard back there, but maybe we’re too far east and had to be more centralized.


Jan 25 2016 Joseph Indusi 9:43 PM

You hit a homerun with this issue.  Every article was great.  Thanks for bringing these to us.  I note that Al is your favorite co-author, but isn’t he your only co-author? Some compliment!

From Howard Kroplick

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