Mar 16 2013

Another Motor Parkway Landmark Disappears from View

Almost 75 years after its closing, there are only a few Long Island Motor Parkway buildings and bridges still standing. So, it is sad when one of the remaining Motor Parkway Landmarks disappears from view. Chalk up another loss to progress, renovation and expansion. The unique lodge features of the private residence that was formerly the Ronkonkoma Lodge are no longer visible.

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The Ronkonkoma Lodge was built in 1923 and was on the north side of the Motor Parkway approximately 1,500 feet west of Rosevale Avenue. This 1920s photograph published in the book The Long Island Motor Parkway shows the Ronkonkoma Lodge porte cochere in the background. The young lady is Evelyn Ericson, the daughter of Eric Ericson, the Ronkonkoma gatekeeper. (Photo courtesy of Evelyn Miller)

The building design was the same prefab that was used for the Mineola Lodge. Unique for a Motor Parkway lodge, the porte cochere straddled the road, which became the style of modern-day tollbooths. When the parkway was closed in 1938, the building was purchased by its gatekeeper Eric Ericson.


Until recently, the distinctive frame of the original lodge was easily recognizable when it was converted into a private residence.


November 12, 2012

In 2012, the current owner received approval to renovate and expand this historic Motor Parkway landmark.

March 11, 2013

This post will serve as a guide for future generations searching to find the location of the Ronkonkoma Lodge.


Mar 17 2013 Howard Kroplick 11:09 AM

From Jan H:

You can’t stop people from renov good RE.  Move to Bklyn Hgts.  Landmarked!

Mar 18 2013 Ken Wiebke 11:40 AM

i suppose the parkway was open 365/24/7   so being a gatekeeper must have been quite a burden. 

The daily life of the gatekeeper is another aspect of the LIMP ‘s history worth exploring although all who did that job are surely long gone.

Mar 19 2013 Ted 3:30 PM

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