Dec 30 2014

From the Luttgen Album: Driver Foxhall Keene Taking the Turn at Colyers Corner in Plainview

This is another gem from the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race album of driver William Luttgen provided by his grandson Robert Luttgen.  It is the first documented Vanderbilt Cup Race photo discovered that was taken at Colyers Corner in Plainview.


Howard Kroplick

The caption for the photo reads:"Foxhall Keene at Colyers Corner".

As seen in this map of the1908 course, Colyers Corner was located at the intersection of Plainview Road  and Woodbury Road in Plainview near the Woodbury border.

Driver Foxhall Keene was taking the turn in his #18 Mercedes.

A bonus in this photo- a Long Island Motor Parkway sign indicating the path to the Bethpage Lodge down Plainview Road. The sign reads:"Long Island MOTOR PARKWAY Parkway Lodge Entrance".

The banner across Plainview Road warned the drivers of the upcoming turn.

Then: 1908

Now: 2014

The intersection is now Woodbury Road and Manetto Hill Road. Note there is still an array of trees at the location, most likely replaced over the last 106 years.


Jan 02 2015 Ted 10:50 PM

Really has amazing photos. it is very nice of him to share them with us to enjoy them. Still working on this week’s mystery photo. Off to a bad start for this one. I.might just have to give you my guess work.

Jan 04 2015 Ted 1:38 AM

Amazing photos again, not much of a change was there?

Jan 04 2015 S. Berliner, III 9:23 PM

What kills me is that I used to take that corner regularly (and rapidly - traffic signal allowing) ca. 1976-90 (and before and since) and never realized it was Colyer’s!  Thanks, as always, Howard.  Sam, III

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