Aug 05 2014

Hear the Black Beast Roar this Sunday at the Motor Parkway East Walk/Ride in Queens

In support of the Motor Parkway East project to extend the Queens Greenway to Little Neck Parkway, the Alco Black Beast  will participate in this Sunday's Motor Parkway East Walk/Ride.

The Black Beast  will meet up with cyclists and walkers at 2:30pm at the Park House located on Winchester Boulevard just north of Union Turnpike.


Dr. Joby Jacob of Hollis Hills  is leading the project and has developed a website Motor Parkway East. Last January, NY1 posted this news segment on the project.

As described on the website, the plan is to extend the Greenway to Little Neck Parkway:

Today the Motor Parkway ends abruptly at Winchester Avenue.

It is not easy for pedestrians, joggers, or bicyclists to get to the Motor Parkway from Glen Oaks, Douglaston, Floral Park, Bellaire, Bellerose, Little Neck and New Hyde Park.

That means our friends and neighbors must use a car (not an option for everyone) or they must reconnoiter busy main streets which are not friendly to pedestrians, joggers, or bicyclists.
•East / West on Union Turnpike
•North / South on Commonwealth Boulevard
•North / South on Little Neck Parkway

Our plan is very simple - it turns out the original Motor Parkway (before it was torn down) would have connected many of our neighbors to the part of the Motor Parkway that still exists.

Imagine, a green-corridor that creates a Super-Greenway. It would connect educational institutions, hospitals, cultural institutions, parks and the Eastern Queens community as never before.

Let's all come out on Sunday and support this Motor Parkway effort!



Howard Kroplick


Aug 06 2014 Ted 6:36 PM

I’ll be going on Sunday. I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to be a nice day. Hope to see most of you at the Queens Greenway

Aug 07 2014 frank femenias 3:42 AM

Off hand, this event looks much like the beginning of the new Ground Breaking Ceremony for the reborn Long Island Motor Parkway. Except this time it’s in Queens! This cant be missed.

Aug 10 2014 Ted 11:28 PM

Howard- It was good seeing you for this good cause. Now to just to hope the plans work out for this project. I failed to mention to you to have a safe and enjoyable trip to Pebble Beach. That old but bran new car has to win something in it’s class, it just has to, it’s so magnificently beautiful and I didn’t even see it yet

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