Mar 20 2019

Hemmings Classic Car: Roslyn Motors Long Island’s exclusive dealer of coachbuilt 1920s Lincoln

Walt Gosden's 2018 Mystery Foto #7 challenge has inspired his feature article in the May 2019 issue of Hemmings Classic Car.


Howard Kroplick

Courtesy of Walt Gosden

Courtesy of the Bryant Library

Courtesy of Walt Gosden


Mar 21 2019 Walt Gosden 3:22 PM

Everyone , I would greatly appreciate ANY comments regarding this dealership and who may have worked for them in any capacity . I am very happy the HCC decided to publish this and turn the spotlight on long island, our home base,  once again!
To all of you that I had the opportunity to say hello to in person recently at the Waterfront Garage event (that Howard hosted for us to see the his amazing restored Tucker) it was indeed a great pleasure . Thank you so very much for your gracious comments regarding the stories that I am having published in HCC on a regular basis. Thanks too , to Howard for having us over to his great “car place” to see the cars, and all the cool stuff that he and Ian Z. too, have collected. Santa’s toy shop on long island! It doesn’t get any better then this.

Mar 23 2019 Hugh 10:09 PM

The light colored Roadster is by Locke. 1926 was the first year for that body. They had 21” wire wheels.

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