Jun 09 2015

Highlights from the 50th Annual Spring Meet at Old Westbury Gardens

A great time was had by all at the 50th Annual Spring Meet at Old Westbury Gardens, hosted by the Greater New York Region of the AACA.  Over 300 vintage cars were on display for thousands of spectators.

The 1937 Chrysler's Chrysler was honored with a "First in Class" in the Classic Car class and the "Best in Show Pre-War."


Howard Kroplick


HowardKroplick's 2015 Old Westbury Show album on Photobucket

1937 Chrysler's Chrysler and the 1964 1/2 Mustang III

Sampling of Vintage Cars at Old Westbury

This 1931 Cadillac convertible has its original 1932 and 1937 Long Island Motor Parkway license plates on its grille.


Jun 11 2015 Howard Kroplick 11:19 PM

From Hazel M:

I know how hard it is to judge the beautiful and most unique antique automobiles ever seen. This event of cars was Sunday, June 7th at Old Westbury Gardens. I have to admit I fell in love with one car- a 1937 Chrysler owned by Howard Kroplick. The interior and exterior of this “One of a Kind” made me want to take it for a ride. Howard should be proud of his achievement. I am sure he has heard this millions of times.

Jun 16 2015 Steve Green 5:34 PM

(From Monterey County, California).  As a fellow Rambler collector (‘59 & ‘60 Rambler Americans, & a ‘64 Rambler Classic), I especially appreciated the photo of the 3 Ramblers on display (two Metropolitans in the foreground, a beautiful tricolor 4 door sedan with a Continental Kit in the background).

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