Sep 26 2017

Howard Kroplick Honored with the 2017 George Barris Cup at the Nassau County Cruise to the Show

Each year one special individual award is designated by the Nassau County Cruise to the Show team. "In honor of the late, great Mr. George Barris,the Barris Cup is dedicated not to a specific car, but rather to an influential individual who emulates the amazing characteristics of Mr. Barris himself." The 2017 George Barris Cup was awarded to to me.

Although I was out-of-town for Sunday's, my assistant John Cuocco with the Tucker '48 #1044 made it to the show on my behalf.

John read my acceptance speech:

“This award is very meaningful because of its association with George Barris, who was the legendary creative force in the development  of custom cars. It is a true honor to be associated with George Barris. Thank you so much.”


Howard Kroplick

The George Barris Cup Awards Ceremony

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano and the Cruise to the Show team presenting the George Barris Cup to John Cuocco.

John did a great job delivering my acceptance speech.

The Tucker '48 #1044 was placed in front of the awards stage.

County Executive Ed Mangano and John Cuocco.

Tucker'48 #1044 on Display

Tucker '48 #1044 was again a big attraction.

Some of John Cuocco's Favorite Show Automobiles and Trucks

Ed Mangano's Golden Corvette


Sep 30 2017 Ted 9:25 PM

Congratulations on your award.Tell John he looks good honoring your car in your behalf. Still wish you would bring it here,to the villages,like I said once before,you would be a crowd teaser, pleaser,shocker and whatever else I can say,you would bring something that most of the people have never seen,nothing compares to what you have,except for the Mustang Rent A Car. I stopped going to the car show every month,it’s always the same cars,I only go when there’s a special attraction and it hasn’t been much to talk about. So that’s the story here.

Oct 01 2017 LMK 8:58 AM

Congrats Howard….

Looks like a nice day and event….

Oct 01 2017 Rich 11:07 AM

Wonderful award.  Enjoy it for years to come.

Congrats, Howard!

Oct 01 2017 S. Berliner, III 2:56 PM

I am delighted for you, although, for the life of me, what you have to do with customizer George Barris eludes me.  You preserve historic vehicles (thank you) and he chopped them up.  Love John’s choices; he hit on another of my favs - the silver car fourth from bottom is a 1949 “Silver Anniversary” Chrysler.  Once again, I should know - I drove THREE of them over the years, from Dad’s new one, my own four-year-old one, and selling off the last as late as 2007 (see my site)!  Sam, III

Oct 02 2017 JeRita 9:28 PM

Congratulations Howard Well deserved Mazel Tov JeRita

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