Jul 09 2011

In Search of Alcos: #11 The 1912 Alco Convertible Touring Car Stored in a Rehoboth Barn

Over the last four months, VanderbiltCupRaces.com has attempted to document the Alco "12"- the 12 reported existing rebuilt and restored cars made originally by the American Locomotive Company in Providence, Rhode Island. The eleventh Alco is a 1912 Alco Convertible Touring Car stored in a car barn in Rehoboth, Massachusetts:

Earlier this month, the Providence Journal reported Manny Souza's participation at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's Celebration of Automobiles with his 1908 Alco Touring Car. The article also included this nugget:

Souza also has a 1912 Alco Touring Car in the car barn behind his house. He owned it before buying the 1908 Alco and sold it six years ago, but the buyer has yet to pick it up.

In my never-ending search to document Alcos, I contacted Manny and confirmed the existence of the 1912 Alco. By coincidence, I was heading on a short trip to Boston this week and Manny invited me to see the Alco and his car collection. Here are photos and specifications for the 1912 Alco Convertible Touring Car:




Built By: American Locomotive Company, Providence, Rhode Island

Date of Origin: 1912

Wheelbase: 133 1/2 inches

Transmission: 4 Forward/1 Reverse

Engine: 6 Cylinders, T-Head, Cylinders in Pairs

Bore: 4 3/4"

Stroke: 5.50 "

Displacement: 579.51 Cubic Inches

Horsepower: 60


Manny also recalled that this car was discussed in a 1963 issue of Bulb Horn. A quick call to Walter MCarthy and a copy of the article from the May-June 1963 issue was found. The previous ownership of the Alco was detailed, along with his image of Dick Hovey driving the 1912 Alco:

Dick Hovey of Dunedin, Florida, and Bill Dawn of Knoxille, Tennessee, who are both members of VMCCA, recently got into a trade. When the mountain fog cleared away, Bill Dawn was the proud new owner of a 1915 Mercer and Dick Hovey was on his way to Florida in a fabulous 1912 Alco.

A big thanks to Manny Souza and Walter McCarthy for their contributions to VanderbiltCupRaces.com!

This was the last of the 11 Alcos that I currently know to exist. Is the Alco "12" really the Alco "11" ? If you know of another Alco, please send an email to me at Howard@Kroplick.com or leave a comment below.

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Jul 27 2014 Richie Clyne 9:41 PM

Howard, I have the x Alex Joyce 1912 Alco and a1931 Chrysler town car of W.P. Chrysler and more iron at my lake home in Wolfeboro, NH   If your are ever in the area stop by.  Richie Clyne.


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