May 31 2013

In Search of Alcos: #12 1912 Alco 4-Cylinder Touring Car Being Sold on eBay

Over the last two years, has attempted to document the Alco "12"- the 12 reported existing rebuilt and restored cars made originally by the American Locomotive Company in Providence, Rhode Island. Eleven Alcos have been documented. However, #12 has been elusive...until now.


Howard Kroplick

Ebay had a "1913" Alco 4-cylinder touring car up for auction

After 54 bids, the highest price was $171,670. However, the seller's reserve price was not met. (Updated: 1:30 PM Tuesday, June 4, 2013)

These are the listed specifications for the Alco. The San Diego seller has revised the year of the car to 1912. 

This car may be the one described by former Alco owner Alex Joyce in 2000:

"Sitting in storage at a closely guarded location in the southern half of California. 1912 (poss 1913), 5-passenger touring car, very authentic."

The auction ends on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 7:27 AM EDT.

Anyone want to guess the reserve price and the final sale price?


Jun 02 2013 Phil 12:31 AM

I see the plaque that says American Locomotive New York. Were the cars built in Rhode Island but sold in N.Y. or was the company headquarters in N.Y. ?


Jun 02 2013 joe gibbons 12:44 AM

they had a 1912 alco in the seal cove auto museum in maine. that was last week, but on 5/27 they were hosting the alco that won the 1908 world race. i didn’t get to see it. i can send photos of the one i saw

Jun 02 2013 Roger Price 8:30 AM

Wrap it up.  I’ll take it.  Seriously, that’s one magnificent car.  I wonder what the reserve is.  Just curious.

Jun 02 2013 Jon Schapiro 8:30 AM

Reserve $238,000; highest bid $229,000 - Not Sold.

Jun 02 2013 Greg 2:43 PM

Beautiful! But I think I’ll pass on this one since it doesn’t have a sunroof, power windows or A/C.

Jun 02 2013 R Troy 11:36 PM

Is it that only 12 ALCO cars remain of some larger quantity produced, or did they only produce 12 and apparently all survived?


Jun 03 2013 Howard Kroplick 12:07 AM

Ron, it is estimated that American Locomotive Company built over 500 cars. Most were destroyed for the World War I effort.

Jun 07 2013 Howard Kroplick 2:38 AM

Phil, all the Alcos were built in Providence. They had a sales office in New York.

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