Feb 15 2020

Kleiner’s Korner: The Long Island Motor Parkway in Advertising Part I

The growth of the Motor Parkway encouraged Long Island businesses to use it to generate business and to aid in providing directions to customers.  Hotels, restaurants, sporting events and automobile manufacturers themselves featured the Parkway in their advertising and promotional efforts.  This and future posts will share some of these advertisements. 

Art Kleiner

Inns at Lake Ronkonkoma

Starting of course with the Petit Trianon shown here in an ad from 1911 in The Long Islander.  Notice under management of Hotel Astor. 

1914 The New York Times

1918: Now under management of the Hotel StandishThe Brooklyn Daily Eagle

1912: The Lake Front Hotel.  Special Sunday Dinner for $1.00!  The New York Times

1921: H.F. Ehler's Hotel (Long Island's Healthiest Resort, wonder why?) The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

1923: Silver Birches.  This was at some point a rest home and later apartments.  The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

1941The Mid-Island Mail

1929: Dan Whelan's The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

1929: Montauk Manor The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

1953: Motor Parkway Inn The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Postcards were also used to promote proximity to the Motor Parkway


Notice incorrect reference to the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway.

Round Hill Restaurant in Huntington

Red Lion Inn in Great Neck

$2 Chicken Waffle Dinner - I propose our next meeting be held there!


Feb 16 2020 S. Berliner, III 3:39 PM

The Round Hill was supposedly at 167 Jericho Tpke. but I can’t find ANY hill at either 167 W or 167 E in Huntington or H. Station, let alone any such edifice.  Just where was is and what became of it?  Sam, III

Feb 16 2020 Bob Andreocci 6:47 PM

I’m guessing that the Round Hill Restaurant wound up the Huntington Town House?

Bob A

Feb 17 2020 Al Velocci 10:09 AM

Huntington Town House address was 124 E. Jericho Tpke.

Feb 17 2020 Art Kleiner 5:54 PM

Sam and Bob (and others) - I believe the Round Hill was on the other other side of the road from the Huntington Town House which is now Target.  But as the attached article shows it was bought by the owner of the Town House but burned down soon after.  Possibly to be used for parking or continue as a restaurant?  Also attached a picture of the Old Dutch Mill which was across the street and is shown on the postcard map.  Thanks to Newsday and Patricia Novak for information in her book “Huntington”.

image image image
Feb 17 2020 S. Belriner, III 9:14 PM

Thanks, Art.  I remember the Mill so well.  “Women proprietors”, eh; might the roof collapse have been because of a “glass ceiling”?  :ยท)  Whoa!  I remember the Mill being in the curve, about where the new tower is at 206.  Sam, III

Feb 17 2020 Brian D McCarthy 9:43 PM

Quite a few owners of the Petit Trianon through the years and plenty of history, too ( recall the memories of our good friend Bob DeStefani ). Brentwood ( where I grew up ), was known for it’s many Pine Trees. Pines were thought to benefit one’s health, sure there’s truth to this.We had 7 - 60 ft pines along our front yard. Sappy, but we climbed them. Lots of pine needles every fall : )

Feb 18 2020 S. Berliner, III 1:35 PM

Too funny, Brian; I was about to riposte with a current view of the magnificent stands of pine along the lakeshore and went on Google Maps Street View out at the ends of North and South Drives and Brown’s Road and Kirk Avenue.  The pines are nearly all gone, replaced by massive deciduous trees, so the changeover had to have happened a good while back and I never noticed.  Still, I remember mounds of pine needles when I first photographed the remanent steps down to the lake, behind the ruins, ca. 1995.  Soooo old - did a quick look-up; first started biking the Roslyn Road-LIRR stretch (lotsa glass, lotsa flats) ca. 1962; no idea when Bob Miller gave his first LIMP slide show, to which he’d invited me and which got me going.  Sam, III

Feb 19 2020 Al Velocci 3:18 PM

Art, Re: the Red lion Inn… On the postcards T.E. Coffey is listed as manager. In 1919 Nat Chester replaced him. Prior to 1912 it was known as the Elverton Inn which opened in 1908. The Red Lion Inn burnt down in 1927

Feb 24 2020 Tom 5:54 PM

“Known for it’s good food”

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