Jun 03 2014

Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #47: Powell Avenue Bridge in Central Park (Bethpage)

The 47th bridge in the series documenting the 65 bridges built by the Long Island Motor Parkway is the Powell Avenue Bridge in Central Park (now Bethpage). It was one of the original bridges built for the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race.

Since the Motor Parkway went through the bridge , the Long Island Motor Parkway, Inc. classified it as a "highway bridge".


Howard Kroplick

March 1908 Survey

This March 1908 survey shows the location of the bridge just before the Motor Parkway curved to head east. Note the proposed relocation of Plainview Road.

1928 Motor Parkway Atlas

As seen in the 1928 Motor Parkway Atlas, the Powell Avenue Bridge was just north and within view of the Nibbe Farmway Bridge.

Construction of the Bridge-1908

Looking north beyond the Nibbe Farmway Bridge under construction, the Powell Avenue Bridge can be seen being built.

Another view of the bridge in the background under construction as seen from the Nibbe Farmway Bridge location.

A closer look of the Powell Avenue Bridge under construction. Note the house on the left on Powell Avenue.

The building was called the "Motor Parkway House" and was likely an inn or sleeping quarters for the Motor Parkway workers. Anyone have more information?

1908 Motor Parkway Sweepstakes- October 10, 1908

A view of the bridge looking south during the opening day of the Motor Parkway. The Stymus Farm can be seen on the left

In this close-up, the Nibble Farmway Bridge can be seen through the Powell Avenue Bridge.

This view was taken during either the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race or the 1908 Motor Parkway Sweepstakes. This part of the Motor Parkway was used only for these 1908 races. It was taken from atop the Powell Avenue Bridge.

Another view from atop the Powell Avenue Bridge. The Plainview Road Bridge can be seen in the background after the curve.

1928 Aerial

This aerial shows the Powell Avnue Bridge near the bottom. Note the proposed relocation of Plainview Road was actually built.

1935 Aerial

Three Motor Parkway bridges can be seen in this aerial; Nibbe Farmway Bridge, Powell Avenue Bridge and the Plainview Road Bridge.

1950 Aerial

By 1950, the Powell Avenue Bridge was still standing.

2008 View

The view from atop the current Powell Avenue Bridge over the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway (Route 135) which was built on the Motor Parkway right-of-way in this location. The utility lines in the background follow the Motor Parkway right-of-way.

A 100 year "Then & Now".

Check out  Wayne Consolla's online Motor Parkway map, to find the location of the Powell Avenue Bridge.


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Howard you have done an excellent job on this site. I live near Bethpage Park and it`s great to locate the old landmarks.

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