Mar 15 2009

Look, up in the sky, it’s the space shuttle!

Okay, today's post has nothing to do with the Vanderbilt Cup Races, the Long Island Motor Parkway or even classic American cars in Havana. But, it is relevant to transportation!!

This a photo of the space shuttle Discovery taking off Sunday night from Cape Kennedy. The photo was taken in Hollywood, Florida, 209 miles away from the launch. Now that's a lot of horsepower!!

The New York Times reported:

The plume of smoke left behind by the shuttle as it rose into the sky was an unusual kaleidoscope of color. The bottom was the gray of dusk, the middle reflected the orange hues of sunset and the top was bright white as the spacecraft rose high into daylight. “I’ve seen a lot of launches,” said Michael D. Leinbach, the shuttle launching director. “This was the most visibly beautiful launch I’ve ever seen.”


Mar 22 2009 Sharon 1:09 PM

And Howie - you captured just what the NY Times reported!!!  Beautiful.  Thanks for posting it.

Mar 23 2009 Larry Vigneaux 8:51 PM

Just got back from Kennedy Space Center where I got to see the (mock-up) shuttle in person - thought it was big until I got to see the Saturn V rocket from the Moon landings later in the day—now THAT was a big rocket - 360 feet stem to stern - 7,500,000 lbs of thrust!

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