Sep 06 2009

Black Beast Wins Its Class at 2009 Lime Rock Car Show

It has been a beautiful Labor Day weekend at the 2009 Vintage Festival at Lime Rock Park. On Saturday, the Alco-6 Racer went three laps on the course reaching a speed of over 50 miles per hour.

At the "Sunday in the Park" car show, a record-breaking 722 cars participated with thousands of spectators in attendance. The "Black Beast" won first place in its class (#14 Vintage Race Cars Pre-1960). It was great fun speaking to everyone who came over to see the "Black Beast".


Sep 07 2009 Mark Dill 10:04 AM


Sep 07 2009 Richard Motycka 6:02 PM


Congratulations as well, but what’s a “Properly” Vintage Race Car?  And were there any improper ones in sight?

Sep 08 2009 BOB MELHADO 5:47 AM

I was glad to see you at Lime Rock Most likely I will be Chief Steward next year.  I would be delighted to have you do worker rides again. I hope you can make more than 3 laps..Thanks again !
Bob Melhado

Sep 08 2009 John Tures 10:05 AM

Hi Howard,

Considering all the beautiful cars that were there, this is a major achievement. It justifies all the hard work by you and John to make the ALCO a winner once again.

Congratulations! It is well deserved.

John Tures

Sep 09 2009 Tom 12:13 PM


Sep 12 2009 Howard Kroplick 8:44 AM

I appreciate the positive comments. Lime Rock Park was great fun. Bob, thanks for arranging the worker rides.


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