Jun 10 2013

Mystery Foto #19 Solved: Aerial of the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race & Site of Lindbergh’s Takeoff

This aerial was taken during the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race held at the "new" Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury.

Congrats to Greg for getting the highest number of answers to the Mystery Foto questions.

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Howard Kroplick

1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race

The distinctive configuration for the 1936 race.

The race cars are visible in the aerial held on October 12, 1936.

Lindbergh's Solo Flight to Paris, May 20, 1927

Charles Lindbergh took off  on his solo flight to Paris from this exact spot on May 20, 1927.

Will  Perkins, a real estate appraiser who specializes in airport properties, has assembled news footage of the takeoff from Roosevelt Field on his website. Part 3 of his Lindbergh series shows the takeoff and the Spirit of St. Louis barely making it over the telephone wires on Merrick Avenue. Watch all four parts of Will Perkins' film for the story of Lindbergh's flight.

The Spirit of St. Louis just missing the telephone lines along Merrick Avenue.

Growing up in East Meadow, I remember this historic marker that was placed on Merrick Avenue. After lost for many years, the marker is now in the parking lot at the Cradle of Aviation.

A monument to Lindbergh's flight located at The Source shopping maill.

Roosevelt Field

Over 10 airplanes were parked in adjacent Roosevlet Field.

A former Roosevelt Field hangar can be seen between the grandstands.

The Central Line of the LIRR

A LIRR Central Line train was running through East Meadow, now Eisenhower Park.

Long Island Motor Parkway Bridges and the Meadow Brook Lodge

The Merrick Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge and the Meadow Brook Lodge.

The Newbrige Avenue and Stewart Avenue (barely) Motor Parkway Bridges.

As spotted by eagle-eyed Joe Oesterle and Greg,  the Roosevelt Field Motor Parkway Bridge can barely be seen south of the Meadowbrook Polo Club Field.

Click on the image to enlarge it.


Jun 06 2013 Joe Oesterle 11:13 PM

Date - Closest I can get is 1937
Event - VCR Roosevelt Raceway
Non Auto Event - Lindy Returns
Transportation - Car, Airplane, Railroad barely visable
LIMP Bridges - (as if my eyes can see them) Roosevelt Field, Merrick, Stewart, Carmen Ave
LIMP Lodge - Meadowbrook
Hanger - Old Country Rd

Jun 07 2013 Robin 2:49 AM

Mitchell field/meadow brook pkwy
,idk the year

Jun 07 2013 Jean-Yves Lassaux 5:50 AM

Hi Howard,
Nothing more to write : http://www.vanderbiltcupraces.com/blog/article/spectacular_aerials_of_roosevelt_field_and_roosevelt_raceway


Jun 07 2013 Greg 9:03 AM

-What is the exact date of the aerial?

October 12, 1936

-What is the location and ongoing event?

Roosevelt Raceway looking east during the running of 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race

-What non-automobile historic event also happened on this exact site?

Charles Lindberghs’ departure field for his successful solo flight to Paris, and the return reception on June 16, 1927

-Name the different forms of transportation seen in the aerial?

Planes, trains, and automobiles- but I can’t see John Candy or Steve Martin! Very cool that you can see smoke coming off the train underway on the Central RR in the upper right corner.

-How many Motor Parkway bridges are visible?

Starting with the twin Roosevelt Field bridges we just learned about, and then to the Merrick Ave bridge, Newbridge Ave, can’t really make out the Stewart Ave bridge, but zoomed in, you can vaguely make out the Carmen Ave bridge. It’s tough to see beyond that with my computer resolution.

-Which Motor Parkway lodge is visible?

The Meadow Brook Lodge

-Where is a former airplane hangar located in the aerial?

I would assume it is the old, big hangar in between the Old Country Rd grandstands.

Jun 08 2013 Art K. 6:34 AM

Oct. 12, 1936
Vandebilt Cup Races, 1936-1938
Departure point for Charles Lindbergh 1927 trans-Atlantic flight
Trains, Plains, Automobiles (train may not be in sight but would be the Central RR south of the Motor Parkway and Stewart Ave. in the upper right part of the photo).  Planes are in the lower right hand corner.
3 Bridges - Merrick Ave., Newbridge Ave., possibly Stewart Ave. somewhere thru the trees.
Meadowbrook Lodge
Hanger may be between what looks to be two grandstands along Old Country Road on the left part of the photo about mid-way up.

Jun 08 2013 Tim Ivers 2:17 PM

1936 Roosevelt Raceway looking southeast
Vanderbilt Cup Race
LIMP running diagonally across upper right
Merrick Avenue left to right near top
Lindbergh took off from here in 1927
Former air hangar bottom right
3 LIMP bridges visible
Merrick Avenue lodge visible, top right

Jun 09 2013 Edith 7:04 AM

Roosevelt Field… appears to be a match (reverse, that is) to blog foto “May 02 2013”?
As an aside, where might one view the detailed original foto from which this print was obtained, please.

Jun 09 2013 Gary Hammond 10:25 AM

It must be the Vanderbilt Cup Race, October 12, 1936, Roosevelt Raceway, Westbury; looking SE, Old Country Road in foreground running diagonally left to right; site of Charles A. Lindbergh’s N.Y. to Paris flight May 20, 1927; 2 hangers are shown - one between the grandstands, and the other in the bottom right, missing its roof (I believe it had a fire) & now used as a parking lot; you can see the elevation “Dip” between the old Curtiss Field and Roosevelt Field (formerly known as “Westbury Plateau” because of its elevation, before being named for Quentin Roosevelt after his death July 14, 1918); LIRR train crossing the Hempstead Plains on the former Central Line, airplanes, cars, probably under higher magnification motorcycle, truck, & bicycle; Meadowbrook Lodge is in the distance; note One Oak Dairy, Westbury/Carle Place in the bottom left, operated by the Salerno family until 1966

Jun 09 2013 stevel 11:18 AM

Roosevelt Field.

Jun 10 2013 Steve Lucas 2:15 PM

This appears to be a photo of the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race looking east. That would make the date 10/12/36. Nine years earlier Lindbergh began his famous flight from the same location at Roosevelt Field / Raceway. I believe thare are trains, planes, and automobiles in the photo and probably a stray horse or two. I think there are 4 Motor Parkway bridges visable but I’m not sure. The Meadowbrook Lodge is near the upper right and there appears to be an old hangar at the left-center area close to Old Country Road.

Jun 11 2013 edu 3:34 AM

Thanks a lot for the post.Thanks Again. Great.

Jun 11 2013 Howard Kroplick 9:14 AM

From Stuart L:

“Mystery Photo#19 was taken at Roosevelt raceway in 1936 during the running of the Revival of the Vanderbilt Cup race which was won by Tazio Nuvolari in an Alfa Romeo 8C2900 beating the Nazi sponsored Auto Union (Audi) driven by Rosemeyer.”

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