Mar 12 2019

Mystery Foto #10 Solved: A Mack AC Truck on Bryant Avenue in Roslyn (Circa 1917-1918)

I challenged you to identify this weekend's Mystery Foto.

Answwers to the Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the manufacturer, model and year of the truck

The truck is a chain-driven Mack Model AC built from 1916 to 1918 and pulling a trailer.

  • Where is the location of the Mystery Foto and the orientation of the photographer?

The photo was taken in front of William Pickering's store on East Broadway in Roslyn. The photographer, likely William Pickering, was looking west.

  • What is the year of the Mystery Foto? Provide a rationale.

 As noted by my favorite co-author Al Velocci, the absence of a license plate and the truck/trailer combination indicated that the truck was owned by the federal government. Accordingly, it is likely the year of the Mystery Foto was 1917 or 1918. In these years,  Liberty Loan Drives were held in front of the nearby Roslyn Post Office located on Bryant Avenue and Old Northern Boulevard.

  • Link the Mystery Foto to the Vanderbilt Cup Races.

As posted on, photographer William Pickering documented many images of Roslyn and the Vanderbilt Cup Races. He sold postcards of the races in his Roslyn store.

  • Kudos question: What was likely being delivered by the truck driver?

It is likely that the Mack AC truck was hauling a M1917 US Army Light Tank for display at the Liberty Loan Drive.

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Congrats to Ron Ridolph, Frank Femenias, Walt Gosden, Greg O., Brian McCarthy (see Brian's Bonus), Sam Berliner III, Hugh, Mark Schaier, Al Velocci, Denis Ryan, Al Prete, Steve Lucas, Art Kleiner (see Kleiner's Korner) and Dick Gorman for identifying the Mack AC truck.

Kudos to Al Velocci who identified a tank being hauled by the Mack AC truck.


Howard Kroplick

Mack AC Truck (1916-1918)

M1917 US Army Light Tank

A photo by William Pickering taken in front of his store during World War I.


Kleiner's Korner (Submitted by Art Kleiner)

Courtesy of

Courtesy of the

The Long Islander, July 7, 1922

E. Belcher-Hyde map, 1914

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 26, 1908

1918. Courtesy of the Bryant Library.

Brian's Bonus (Submitted by Brian McCarthy)

Brian McCarthy: I read that William H Pickering's General Store was 193 East Broadway. The present residence is still #193 ( oval metal plate on the wall below the white fence ). #199 looks much like the house in the mystery foto. The taller charcoal grey home next door to 199 is unfortunately hidden behind the trees, but it's definitely the taller dark colored house in the mystery. And then we have a couple of vintage Mack Trucks. 


Mar 08 2019 Ron Ridolph 12:47 AM

  1/.  Truck is a MACK 1907-1914
  2./  Location is East Broadway, Roslyn, NY
  3./  Photo Date:  Circa 1908
  4./  William Pickering, noted photographer took LIMP//VCC Race photos..
  5./  Delivery appears to be construction or farm equipment.

Mar 08 2019 frank femenias 9:51 PM

Tough mystery, I found some answers - feeling lucky patching the remaining holes. Early 1920s, a Mack AC Bulldog truck with rear-axle chain drive delivering newspapers and used books to the W.H. Pickering general store, at the corner of East Broadway and Papermill Road in Roslyn, looking north. Self-taught photographer, Pickering photographed Roslyn parades and early Long Island races including Vanderbilt Cup Races. His extensive library of photographs are still treasured today and stored at the Bryant library located at the same corner in Roslyn. His house was next to the store and I don’t believe either one survived the test of time.

Mar 08 2019 Joe Oesterle 10:21 PM

East Broadway, looking south towards intersection with Roslyn Road.

Mar 09 2019 Walt Gosden 9:45 AM

I can only provide a few facts: the truck is an AC series Mack. Must be a very heavy load as the truck has solid tires and so does the trailer. Mack glass plate negative archives were in Brooklyn where the company started, were rescued by Henry Austin Clark ( many many steel 4 or 5 drawer filing cases that were full ) in the 1950s when Mack relocated to Allentown, Pa. These cases were in the basement of Austin’s home in Glen Cove for decades, and were donated back to Mack about a decade before he passed away. The history of Mack as written by my good friend John B. Montville and published in a book and these glass plate negatives were the primary source for images. All memories of so many decades ago.

Mar 09 2019 Greg O. 6:34 PM

-Identify the manufacturer, model and year of the truck
1916 Mack AC

-Where is the location of the Mystery Foto and the orientation of the photographer?
Looking South from William Pickering’s studio at 193 East Broadway in Roslyn

-What is the year of the Mystery Foto? Provide a rationale.
Truck year and style of dress make me want to guess 1918 or so

-Link the Mystery Foto to the Vanderbilt Cup Races.
William Pickering shot scenes of the the Vanderbilt Cup Races from 1905 to 1910.

-Kudos question: What was likely being delivered by the truck driver?
No idea

Mar 09 2019 Brian D McCarthy 10:39 PM

*ID manufacturer, model and year of truck:  Mack truck…1918? I read that the logo seen ( which looks very cool ) was discontinued after 1920. They should still use that stylish M instead of plain old Mack.

*Location & Orientation of Photographer: Perhaps the photographer was William H Pickering. Image taken on E Broadway Roslyn, NY viewing south, capturing Mr. Pickering’s General Store, a couple of onlookers plus the Brooklyn Eagle Newspaper dispenser. Wonder if E Broadway was always One Way North?

*Year/Rationale; 1918-20. Truck is my rationale.

*VCR link:  Mr. Pickering well documented these races with photography.

*What’s in the trucks trailer:  Looks like a wrecked auto. Mr. Pickering likely photographed autos that were in accidents for law enforcement, insurance claims etc.

Mar 10 2019 S. Berliner, III 12:55 AM

MACK!  Th-th-that’s all, f-f-folks!  Sam, III

Mar 10 2019 Hugh 4:24 AM

The truck is a Mack. A Bulldog model. Most likely early to mid 1920s. Maybe photo chemicals. Its too large to deliver news papers. Wm Pickering was a noted photographer from Roslyn L.I. who took lots of Vanderbilt race photos. The Bulldog Macks were quite popular after WW1. I remember a junk yard near Berlin, MA still using one as a boom truck in 1957.

Mar 10 2019 mark schaier 11:31 AM

The truck is a 1916-1921 Mack AC ‘Bulldog Type’ model, the AC type was produce from 1916 to 1938.

Mar 10 2019 Al Velocci 12:44 PM

Howard, the truck is a 1916 Mack model AC. and pulling a trailer. The photo was taken on East Broadway in Roslyn most likely by Pickering, we looking south. I’m guessing the photo taken in 1918 and the truck owned by the federal government as it appears not to have a license plate. Is the tank in the body of the truck? That model was more commonly called a “bulldog” Mack, a name given to it by the British because of it’s bulldog like ferocious tenacity. During World War I many American manufactured trucks were sent overseas.  I’m familiar with Mack trucks as I restored a 1925 Mack 30 years ago, licensed it, and drove it all over the New Hyde Park area for several years. A few years ago I sold it to a guy from Greenlawn and he’s stilling driving it all over that part of Huntington. For the gullible, the tank was being brought to Bar Beach which at the time had a dock and loaded on to the Titanic . It never made it to England as we know it was sunk by German submarines.

Mar 10 2019 Denis Ryan 1:28 PM

The truck is a 1916-1918 AC Mack, manufactured by the International Motor Truck Co. (did not become Mack Trucks until 1922).
The photo was taken in front of Wm. Pickering’s store in Roslyn.
The photo was taken in 1917-18, due to what appears to be WWI posters in the store windows.
Wm. Pickering took many Vanderbilt Cup race photos.
Due to the large load in the truck and the trailer, and the fact the truck has a third axle for weight, it must be hauling photographic equipment for developing and printing photos.

Mar 10 2019 Al Prete 5:51 PM

Howard, the truck is recognizable as a Mack AC truck, circa 1915, by the “M” logo and the radiator mounted behind the engine. William Pickering was a photographer in the Roslyn area, and judging from the images in the windows, this must have been his studio. That’s all I got.

Mar 10 2019 Steve Lucas 7:05 PM

That’s a MACK model AC probably from around 1918-1920. The location of the photo is in front of 193 East Broadway facing south in Roslyn. I’m going to guess around 1920 for the date of the photo since I’ve seen a similar Pickering photo from the Bryant Library dated 1918. William Pickering (1865-1929) was an early Long Island photographer who took many pictures of several Vanderbilt Cup Races, turned them into postcards, and sold them at his store. Hard to say what the truck was delivering but I’m going to guess some kind of furnace or heating apparatus.

Mar 10 2019 Art Kleiner 9:05 PM

Identify the manufacturer, model and year of the truck:  Mack, AC Bulldog, 1916

Where is the location of the Mystery Foto and the orientation of the photographer?
East Broadway in Roslyn.  The boook “Nassau County Long Island, in Early Photographs” indicates the Pickering shop was at 193 East Broadway.  Looking south possibly. 

What is the year of the Mystery Foto? Provide a rationale.  1920?

Link the Mystery Foto to the Vanderbilt Cup Races.  Photographer William H. Pickering, named official Nassau County photographer took pictures of the VCR races, including 1905, 06 and 09.  Maybe others. 

Kudos question: What was likely being delivered by the truck driver?
Can’t decide if there is a woman in the back of the truck with a hat on.  Possibly for a parade.  If the truck was parked at the shop, than anything sold or made there.

Mar 11 2019 Dick Gorman 4:38 PM

Mystery Foto #10…The truck is a 1918 Bull Nose Mack Truck model AC. The W. H. Pickering store was in Roslyn on East Broadway. Year of photo is around 1918 or 1919. The Store belongs to W. H. Pickering, a photographer who was shooting photos at some of the Vanderbilt Cup Races.
Truck likely to be delivering… Brooklyn Eagle newspapers OR maybe coal.

Mar 12 2019 Howard Kroplick 12:42 AM

Sebastian Dagostino:

Howard, That is a Mack truck, with solid rubber tires from the early 1940’s.  I am 80 years old and remember my father driving one.  The truck had a 600+ci gas engine, and chain drive from the transmission to the rear wheels.  No rear differential axle!

Mar 12 2019 frank femenias 12:52 PM

Great house hunting, 193 East Broadway it is! I missed it. The house and store still stands today. The sidewalk in the mystery photo was converted into walkway steps to the house. The one-way street has also changed direction today. So this view is looking South.

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