Apr 29 2019

Mystery Foto #17 Solved: Old Northern Boulevard, Roslyn in the Early 1960s

Ian Zwerdling challenged you to identify this weekend's Mystery Foto.

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the location and orientation of the photographer

View looking east on Old Northern Boulevard in Roslyn.

  • What are the make, model and year of the automobiles in the Mystery Foto?

Best guesses North side:

-1960 Oldsmobile

-Mid 1950s Chevy  Pickup Truck

-1963 or 1963 Pontiac or Buick

-1961-1964 Chevy

-1959 Olds station wagon

-1949-1951 Mercury

-Early 1950s Chevy

Best guesses South side

An Entemann's truck

  • Identify the major buildings.

North side:

Roslyn Mill Tea House

Roslyn Boat & Tackle

Anchorage Bar & Grill


Roslyn Savings Bank

On the hill:

Roslyn Public School

  • What is the likely year of the photo?

Based on the automobile identifications, the Mystery Foto was likely taken from 1962-1965.

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Congrats to Robert Hoffman, Marc Schaier, Phil Pfersching, Al Prete, Joe Oesterle, Ken K, Greg o., Sam Berliner III, Casey DeNicola, Tim Ivers, Sam Colman, Steve Lucas, Art Kleiner, Rich and Dick Gorman for identifying Old Northern Boulevard in Roslyn as the Mystery Foto location.

Kudos to Robert Hoffman and Art Kleiner (Kleiner's Korner) for successfully posting Jpegs with their comments. Very cool!

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Howard Kroplick



Apr 25 2019 Robert hoffmann 8:53 PM

Roslyn Village looking east north east, Anchorage Bar & Grill, US Post Office in the distance

Apr 25 2019 Robert Hoffmann 8:58 PM

later in the 70’s one of those buildings on the left was US Blues

Apr 26 2019 Lindsay 7:27 AM

Old Northern Blvd in Roslyn facing East. It’s technically known as the historic building district.
The Tea House is the old Grist Mill.

Apr 26 2019 Philip Pfersching 10:08 PM

I recognize the location. I was just working there this week. Today, the road is known as Old Northern Blvd. At the time it was just Northern Blvd., in Roslyn.
The photographer is in the middle of the street, facing East. The Clock Tower is behind the photographer. The building that is the Tea House, is actually the original Grist Mill and the water from Hempstead Harbor flowing through the mill and underneath the road.
Howard Kroplick

Phil, it was a pleasure meting you in person last Wednesday on Old Northern Boulevard!

Apr 27 2019 Al Prete 8:50 AM

Old Northern Boulevard in Roslyn, looking east.

The cars on the north side, from foreground: 1960 Olds, Chevy or GMC truck, Olds or Merc (hard to tell), 1964 Chevy, 1961 Merc, 1949 Merc, 1950 or 1951 Chevy, 1956 Chevy. After that the picture is too blurry for my eyes.

The Entenmann’s truck on the south side looks like a DIVCO.

The tea house is surely the old grist mill.

I recall going up to Roslyn from my home on the South Shore to see concerts at My Father’s Place. One of the buildings on the north side of the street, I don’t remember which one, was the “U.S. Blues” club during that time.

Apr 27 2019 Joe Oesterle 12:06 PM

The old grist mill is the giveaway.  Roslyn Village.  Old Northern Blvd.  Those cars look 1960’s to me.

Apr 28 2019 ken k 8:15 AM

This is Northern Blvd. in Old Roslyn looking east towards Bryant Ave.  The Old Mill on the left is now finally being restored, and work has started on it.  The Delicacies Deli building is on the right.  Probably around 1961, 62 or 63.

Apr 28 2019 Greg O. 10:29 AM

Looking East down Old Northern Blvd in Roslyn. The Roslyn Grist Mill 1st building on the left side.
My guess on the date would be sometime around 1963-1965

Apr 28 2019 S. Berliner, III 12:02 PM

Dead give-away!  [Now ” Old”] Northern Boulevard in Roslyn looking (LI) east across from Lumber Road (now, why would that ring a bell?).  As I noted before, my Mom dragged me to the Tea House (yuck!) many years before this pic, which must be mid-‘50s (I don’t know my “modern” Detroit iron - or old Roslyn).  Roslyn Savings Bank at far right. I’d forgotten all about that gas station - big empty space last I saw it.  Doubt the current P. O. was built at far left yet.  Sam, III

Apr 28 2019 Casey DeNicola 2:18 PM

1)Old Northern Blvd. looking East 2)1960 Oldsmobile,mid-late 50’s Chevy/GMC panel truck,early 60s(62-63)GM(Pontiac/Buick),1963 Chevy,station wagon(59 Olds?),49-51Mercury,early 50s Chevy.  3)Tea house which is Harold’s beloved mill.My wife’s Grandmother used to take her there as a child,it was a treat.  4)I can only guess sometime mid 1960s.

Apr 28 2019 Tim Ivers 8:27 PM

Old Northern Blvd. about 1956 looking east.
Grist Mill (teahouse) on immediate left.

Apr 28 2019 sam colman 9:06 PM

OK its the old mill tea house in roslyn in the early 1960’s  
looking to the east on ( now old northern blvd) back then was northern blvd

first vehicle is a the Olds 1960 model looks like a b
then behind it is a chev pic k-up truck 1950’s
then a olds f-85
pic 3 is looking east at burt russells with a delivery truck a divco truck looks like a entermants lettering on the back
Year at least 1962 cause of the old f-85 and it looks like the build in pic one next to the tea house might be name the of the story boat house or boat yard
i had a small 14 foot boat slip for 2 years in 1960 - 61 Yes there was water there and you could ride out to bar beach if it was not low tide. there were other boats on the side and behind of the old mill tea house and a boat house up the creek about 100 feet. where my father bought a 30 foot 1929 richardson in the early 1950’s and we spent our weekend on it, in roslyn, then in northport. till 1960
i know the street well…. don’t have any pictures from that time, wish i had been more wise and taken pic, to remember the old days,,,  some 58 years ago. was a
good time when your young and dumb and know nothing


Apr 28 2019 Steve Lucas 9:24 PM

That’s Old Northern Blvd. in Roslyn looking east toward East Broadway. The first car on the left is a 1960 Oldsmobile. The fourth vehicle looks like a 1961-62 Chevy so I’ll guess about that year for the photo. The Tea House is the 18th. century Roslyn Grist Mill. The Roslyn Savings Bank is on the corner with East Broadway. Could that be part of the Mackay mansion above and behind the Anchorage Bar & Grill sign?

Apr 28 2019 Art Kleiner 9:53 PM

Identify the location and orientation of the photographer:  1347 Old Northern Blvd., looking east.

What are the make, model and year of the automobiles in the Mystery Foto? Chevy, 1960?

Identify the major buildings.  Roslyn Boar & Tackle, the Roslyn Mill Tea House, historic records from the Nassau County LandRecord lookup includes structures next to this as The WheelBarrow Restaurant, Muddwater, Inc., a bowling alley and Ball Room Productions.  And current today is the not-for-profit Junior League of the North Shore Thrift Shop which at one time housed a launderette. `

What is the likely year of the photo?  circa 1961

image image image
Apr 28 2019 Art Kleiner 9:54 PM

More pics

image image image
Apr 29 2019 mark schaier 5:42 AM

The Location:
View looking east of Old Northern Blvd. in downtown Roslyn.
The Vehicles (front to rear by the curb):
1-1960 Olds 4dr. hardtop
2- 1964-66 Chevy truck
3-1961-62 Buick Skylark coupe
4-1963 Chevy sedan
Beyond unknown?
The Buildings:
Just the old grist mill - ‘Tea House’
The Likely Year of Photo:
Mid 1960s

Apr 29 2019 Rich 11:01 AM

Well… of course it’s Roslyn facing East (i.e. the Clock Tower is behind the photographer).  The car looks like an Edsel.  So, late 50s-early 60s?

Apr 29 2019 Dick Gorman 7:31 PM

Mystery Foto #17….Photographer standing on Old Northern Boulevard looking north east, clock tower somewhere behind him. As for the cars, there are at least two ‘61 Oldsmobile 98’s, the first car on the left being one of them. There is an early 50’s Chevy back in front of Anchorage Bar. The buildings, left to right ,are Roslyn Mill Tea House, Roslyn Bait and Tackle (maybe), Now a real estate office. Next building, Anchorage Bar and Grill.
Based on the year of the two Oldsmobiles I would say year is 1961 or 1962.

Apr 29 2019 Howard Kroplick 9:48 PM

Art Kleiner
More Images
Newsday July 28, 1973
Newsday December 18, 1973

image image

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