Dec 03 2018

Mystery Foto #48 Solved: An Aerial of the Historic Village of Roslyn (Circa 1975-1977)

In celebration of the beginning of the restoration of the Roslyn Grist Mill, the Roslyn Landmark Society has launched a daily photo series on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The Society needs your assistance in dating this aerial of Tower Place in Roslyn (Photo #16 in the series). Photo courtesy of the Town of North Hempstead Archives.

Answers to theMystery Foto questions:

-Best Guess: Identify the year, make and model of the automobiles in the Mystery Aerial:

  • A. 1972 Chevrolet Estate Wagon
  • B. 1975-1977 Olds Cutlass
  • C. 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle
  • D. 1972 Dodge Monaco
  • E. 1971-1972 Chevrolet Camaro

-Based on the above identification, what is your best estimate of the year that this aerial was taken?


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Congrats to Samuel Colman, Marty Jablonski, John Van Gasteren and Greg O. for making the attempt to identify the automobiles.

Kudos to Marty Jablonski, John Van Gasteren, Steve Lucas,Gre.O and Mike Appice for identifying the date of the aerial from 1975-1977.



Howard Kroplick


60%: 1972 Chevrolet (Malibu) Estate Wagon

20%: 1973-1975 Chryler Town & Country Wagon

20%: 1978 Old 98

1972 Chevrolet Estate Wagon

B. Top C. Bottom

B. (top)

75%: 1975-1977 Olds Cutlass

25%: 1979 Ford LTD Landau 2-Door

C. (bottom)

50%: 1973 Chevy Chevelle

50%: 1979 Camaro Berliner

1976 Olds Cutlass

1973 Chevrolet Chevelle


50%: 1972 Dodge Monaco

50%:1966 Dodge Cornette 440

1972 Doge Monaco


66%: 1971-1972 Camaro

33%:1970 Camaro RS

1972 Chevrolet Camaro RS


See below comments for possibilities.


See below comments for possibilities.


See below comments for possibilities.


Nov 30 2018 Jerry Keefer 1:16 AM

A.  72 Malibu Estate Wagon
B.  79 Ford LTD Landau 2 Door
C.  79 Camaro Berliner’s
D.  66 Dodge Cornette 440
E.  72 Camaro
F.  ?
G. ?
H. ?

Nov 30 2018 Ron Ridolph 10:36 AM

  The cars are a bit difficult to zero in on due to photos being obscure.  The clock
tower photo is about 1995.  I am enjoying this site every day and a big THANKS !!
                  Cordially,  Ron Ridolph

Dec 01 2018 Walt Gosden 10:19 PM

The building at the bottom of the photo was I believe the local Lincoln car dealer in the 1920s. Check earlier posts on this site for a report on that dealership .

Dec 01 2018 S. Berliner, III 11:43 PM

Them is modrin cars’; I don’t know nuttin’ ‘bout modrin cars!  Sam, III

Dec 02 2018 samuel colman 11:55 AM

a- 1972 chev estate wagon
e- 1970 camaro rs

Dec 02 2018 Howard Kroplick 12:40 PM

Marty Jablonski
Director LI Buick Club

Really making us think,

Photo A   That looks like a 73 to75 Chrysler Town and Country wagon

Photo B   black car looks like 76 or 77 Olds Cutlass

Photo G maroon car looks like a 76 Olds Cutlass

Photo H yellow car is a 73 Buick regal and silver maroon top car is 75-77 Mercury Monarch

All other cars seem older none newer so I am going to say must be 76 or 77


Dec 02 2018 Rich 1:19 PM

Well… with the flag flying at half-staff in Photo D… and the age of the cars… I’d guess November, 1963.

Dec 02 2018 John Van Gasteren 4:31 PM

A.  1975 Olds 98
B.  1975 Olds Cutlass
C.  1973 Chevy Chevelle
D.  1972 Dodge Monaco
E.  1971 Chevy Camaro
F.  1973 Cadillac Eldorado
G.  1973 pontiac Grand Prix
    1976 Datsun 280Z
    1975 Olds Cutlass
H.  1965 Chevy Impala
    1970 Datsun 510
    1973 Buick Century
    1972 Chevy Monte Carlo
    1973 Chevy Impala

Photo date: 1976

Dec 02 2018 Steve Lucas 5:36 PM

For me, the cars are a little too far away to positively identify but the photo has a mid-1970’s feel so I’ll guess 1976.

Dec 03 2018 Greg O. 6:50 AM

Didn’t have time to ID every car, but car B looks to be a 1976 ish Olds Curlass 2 door, placing this photo somewhere around then 1976/77

Dec 03 2018 Mike Appice 5:54 PM

Judging by all the various cars years and models i say the picture was takin in 1976

Dec 03 2018 Brian D McCarthy 8:33 PM

Didn’t really want to attempt this mystery, but I have some thoughts about the aerial.

I was trying to find an image of here 1960’s, early 70’s no luck. Did find a 1913 postcard image of the clock tower viewing west. The cannon was not in the image ( realize a cannon from the Spanish/American war was and is currently on the east side of the tower in the direction of the flagpole ). Does anyone know when the cannon was placed here?

This aerial is basically viewing east. There’s a small spruce tree “hiding” the cannon, assuming that the cannon had to be here by then. Perhaps knowing when this tree was removed might hone in on the time of this aerial? It’s not particularly tall in this image. Maybe it was decorated during Christmas? This tree isn’t there presently.

Dec 03 2018 frank femenias 9:30 PM

Early ‘70s

Dec 04 2018 Gene Perry 1:07 PM

The auto in photo D is a 1963 Chevy Impala coupe

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