Dec 09 2019

Mystery Foto #49 Solved: Bulls Head Hotel in Greenvale (North Roslyn) Circa 1934-1936

This weekend's Mystery Photo was a busy location on courses for the Vanderbilt Cup Races.

Photo was courtesy of  Bryant Library Local Historic Collection.

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the location and the orientation of the photographer.

​At the northeast corner of Glen Cove Road and Northern Boulevard (North Hempstead Turnpike) in Greenvale (formerly North Roslyn)/ The photographer was looking east. Police officer Harry LaRue can be seen on the far right.

  • Which Vanderbilt Cup Races utilized this location?

​​1905 and 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Races

  • Identify the building in the Foto.

​Bulls Head Hotel owned by Aloysius Huwer (1844-1924). In 2005, Fred Blumlein wrote:

Greenvale’s Bulls Head Hotel, located smack-dab on the corner of that tough turn, played an important role in the 1905 race. Aloysius Huwer, proprietor of the hotel (and the writer’s great-grandfather), rented his “Auto & Wagon Shed,” to race driver and car owner, Walter White. White and his mechanics bunked in the Hotel and used Huwer’s Shed to ready his steam-driven racer for the event. White’s machine was the only steam racer ever to be driven in the Vanderbilt Cup Races. He received an “A” for trying, but had to abandon his car in the fifth lap because of engine and tire troubles. During the 1906 race, the Bulls Head Hotel and Shed became the base camp for the Pope-Toledo car group. They were the last race team to use the site during the races. 

As seen in the Mystery Foto, in the 1930's the building was used as a boarding house.

  • What changes were made at this location from the time of the Vanderbilt Cup Races to when the Mystery Foto was taken? 

​The Socony service station in the 1930's was located on the northeast corner where the hotel stood. As seen in the Mystery Foto, the building was moved further east to make room for the service station and turned 180 degrees on a new foundation. The building was soon to developers in 2005 and orn down.

  • What was the approximate year of the Mystery Foto? 


  • Kudos question: Identify the automobiles 

​Tim Ivers with some consensus (from left to right):

1930 Ford Model A Tudor

1932 Plymouth (oval rear window)

1932 Chevrolet

Far right:

1930 Ford Model A Sport Coupe

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Congrats to Greg O., Steve Lucas, Tim Ivers, Mark Lanese, and Brian McCarthy for identifying the Mystery Foto and Bulls Head Hotel.

Kudos to Tim Ivers for the best guesses for the automobiles.


Howard Kroplick


Bulls Head

Because of the popularity of the hotel, the entire area was known as Bulls Head. Later it became North Roslyn and now Greenvale.

Adam Heiss' Bulls Head Hotel

Bulls Head Hotel when owned by Adam Heiss. Courtesy of John Santos.

1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race Course

1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race Course

Bulls Head Hotel-1905

1905: As seen in this photo, a real bull was kept south of North Hempstead Turnpike across from the hotel. Ironically, this is the current location of Ben's Deli !

Bulls Head was the headquarters for racing teams for both the 1905 and 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Races including the White Steamer in 1905.

Fred Blumlein has identified his great-grandfather Aloysius Huwer  standing on the porch in this photo

The Huwer Family

Felice Nazzaro taking the Bulls Head Turn with the #8 FIAT during the 1905 race. 


Dec 07 2019 Greg O. 1:17 PM

-Identify the location and the orientation of the photographer.
Looking East at the corner of Northern Boulevard and Glen Cove Road in Greenvale. According to the Roslyn Landmark Society, the officer in the photo was Harry LaRue.

-Which Vanderbilt Cup Races utilized this location?

-Identify the building in the Foto.
Aloyous Huwer’s Bulls Head Hotel

-What changes were made at this location from the time of the Vanderbilt Cup Races to when the Mystery Foto was taken?
Bulls Head hotel was moved and turned from the corner to make way for the gas station.

-What was the approximate year of the Mystery Foto?

-Kudos question: Identify the automobiles
Unsure- maybe a ‘32 Ford in front. I’ll try and have a follow-up answer.

Dec 07 2019 Tom Montalbano 10:22 PM

OK, the sign is a dead giveaway that it’s in “North Roslyn.”  Do I get a partial prize for that bit of information???? smile

Dec 08 2019 Walt Gosden 9:31 AM

Identify the automobiles: the three parked at the gas station from the left : Ford model A, either a Pontiac or Plymouth from 1931, and another Ford model a.

Dec 08 2019 Joseph Oesterle 4:29 PM

Bull Run Inn.  After it was moved.  The Gas station was there for many many years.

Dec 08 2019 frank femenias 7:35 PM

Busted again. The police officer’s uniform helps with the era but not as close as the identification of the cars. Love these old photos that show how it once was.

Dec 08 2019 frank femenias 7:36 PM

I’m still on it

Dec 08 2019 Steve Lucas 8:24 PM

I believe we are looking east from the northeast corner of Guinea Woods Road (Glen Cove Road) and North Hempstead Turnpike (Northern Blvd.) This location was part of the course for the 1905 and 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Races. The building is the Bull’s Head Hotel which had been rotated and moved slightly to allow for the construction of the new gas station. The date is around 1936. As for the cars, I’ll leave that for the experts since most cars from the 1930’s look the same to me.

Dec 08 2019 Tim Ivers 10:25 PM

Looking northwest at Glen Cove Road and North Hempstead Turnpike in 1936.
The 1905 race ran past this location.  The building was the Bulls Head Tavern.
In the 1936 photo the building had been turned.
The car on the left lol is like a 1930 Ford Model A Tudor.
2nd from left 1932 Plymouth (oval rear window)
3rd from left 1932 Chevrolet
Far right 1930 Ford A sport coupe

Dec 09 2019 Mark Lanese 12:54 PM

The gas station is on the north east corner of North Hempstead Tpke. and Glen Cove Road in Greenvale. It sure has changed over the years.

Dec 09 2019 Brian D McCarthy 4:14 PM

*Viewing north & east at the corner of Glen Cove Rd & Northern Blvd. Bulls Head Hotel & Garage utilized for the 1905 & 1906 VCR. Owned/Operated by the Huwer Family. Long side of the hotel that’s facing west originally faced south, was rotated to leave room for the Socony Station, around 1935. Pretty sure the name on the sign is JAMES HUWER. Felt compelled to post all the maps below - 3.

image image image
Dec 09 2019 Brian D McCarthy 4:16 PM

Last 3.

image image image

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