Mar 30 2018

Off-Topic: Highlights from the Mets’ 2018 Opening Day

SNY-TV captured me several times yesterday waving my Met flag at the exciting 2018 Mets' Opening Day.

David Wright Gets Rousing Ovation

Mets' Opening Day Lineup

Cespedes' Two-Run Single

Gonzalez's RBI Double



Howard Kroplick


Mar 31 2018 Dave Russo 10:41 PM

Howard—-I appreciate your excitement but you are older then I am….you should know by now, especially when it comes to the Mets…..Don’t get excited too soon. There are 160 games to go! Mets pitchers have a way of quickly finding their way to the disabled list! I like alot of things I see too—-but let’s talk further in June/July.

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