May 06 2014

Pilot Section of the Motor Parkway Trail Is Under Construction in East Meadow(Updated:June 17, 2014)

Art Kleiner reports that a one-mile pilot section of the Motor Parkway Trail is under construction in East Meadow. Above photo courtesy of Art Kleiner.

As described by the Nassau County Department of Public Works 2013 bid solicitation for this work:

"The principle feature of work to be performed under this contract is the construction of an approximately one mile long trail on Salisbury Park Drive in East Meadow along Eisenhower Park. As part of the original Long Island Motor Parkway, this one mile demonstration parcel will serve as the framework to redevelop portions of the Long Island Motor Parkway as the Motor Parkway Trail for new recreational uses, such as biking and hiking." 


Howard Kroplick

The "demonstration parcel" is one-mile on Salisbury Park Drive from the Stewart Avenue curve to Carman Avenue.

June 17, 2014 Update

More photos from Ted, our Motor Parkway Trail photographer

June 2, 2014

Ted latest "excellent" photos show the Motor Parkway Trail pilot is already in use.

May 21, 2014

New photos submitted by Ted. Going west to east

May 10, 2014

New photos submitted by Ted. Going west to east.

May 6, 2014

The view looking west.

The view looking east at the curve near Stewart Avenue.

More views looking east.

The outline of the Motor Parkway Trail heading to Carman Avenue.

The same view as it looked in the 1940s. Courtesy of Al Velocci.

Motor Parkway in East Meadow (1908-1926)

Views of the Motor Parkway looking west as seen from the Carman Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge.

The location of the current Motor Parkway Trail is on the left, inside the Motor Parkway fence.

A 1926 aerial of East Meadow showing the Motor Parkway to Carman Avenue on the far right.


May 07 2014 Ted 12:48 AM

You most be thrilled about this Howard. Are you thinking what I am, that maybe you’ll be able to get a Saturday or Sunday drive on it with The Beast, like we did in Queens?  See you at the Great Neck Library tonight

May 07 2014 Colleen Albertson 1:30 PM

Hi Howard,
I happened to have drove past though this area on Salisbury Park Drive out side of Eisenhower Park on Sunday afternoon and thought some thing was up with the area and now I see from your posting here what was going on when I drove past it. Interesting to see something finallly being done after all the talks about it I hope to see more like this take place.

May 09 2014 Ted 5:27 PM

Just thought I’d mention, being that the Field of Wheels was postponed there’s a Touch a Truck Show at Eisenhower Park, check it out

May 10 2014 Ted 11:08 PM

After going to Touch a Truck Show, I checked out Salisbury Park Drive and saw how much more was done and took some pictures, thought maybe you would like to see the progress they made,  I’ll e-mail them to you if so, get in touch with me

May 11 2014 S. Berliner, III 6:01 PM

If you think this news is exciting for Howard, just consider how deeply satisfying it is for me (after all these years)!  The proposal to Nassau County for conservation and restoration of the LIMP RoW was filed 15 Apr 2005!  I don’t even recall when we first started cutting brush - 1990?

Sam, III

May 14 2014 Ted 11:42 PM

Howard - You didn’t let me know if you want me to send you the pictures .

From Howard Kroplick


May 16 2014 Ted 9:45 PM

Howard- The pictures were sent. They were taken on May 10, enjoy

May 19 2014 Tom 1:18 PM

Great to see!

May 20 2014 Ted 2:52 AM

Howard- I’ve haven’t had a chance to be on the computer for a few days. Thanks for posting the pictures I set . Great shots, weren’t they? Hope you all enjoyed them. If I get a chance, I’ll check it out again and take more, to keep you updated.

May 21 2014 Ted 2:59 AM

Correct me if I’m wrong. Doesn’t Salisbury Park Drive go north and south, because Old Country Road is east and west?

From Howard Kroplick

Ted, in this section of the road, Salisbury Park Drive goes east and west.

May 21 2014 frank femenias 5:02 PM

Thank you Ted and Art for the photos and update of The Motor Pkwy Bike Trail! It would be wonderful if this path one day should connect to the Motor Pkwy path in Bethpage Park. Further south, the Jones Beach bikeway 4 mile extension to Tobay Beach will be completed this week, May 31, 2014. Any riders out there? I’m ready.

May 21 2014 Ted 7:01 PM

Howard- Ok, because it curves around from Stewart to Carman

May 22 2014 Ted 12:30 AM

Howard-I went back and was amazed at the work that was done and thanked two of the workers for what a great job that is being done, as you’ll see from the pictures I’m going to send, if you want me to tomorrow? This time I went from Carman towards Stewart, but not all the way to it, then from Stewart back, so that you can see how much was done from the last time.
From Howard Kroplick

Ted, you are our official Pilot photographer/reporter.

May 24 2014 Ted 10:24 PM

Howard-Now that I got your response , the photos will be sent tomorrow and they were taken on 5/21. It’s official, I’ll e-mail you photos when I have them

May 30 2014 Ted 5:26 PM

Howard- Thanks again. I’ll be going that way this weekend and see how much more they did and let you know or just take more photos and send them

Jun 02 2014 Ted 12:11 AM

Howard- When the photos are sent, I’ll have a little trivia for you from the Westbury Gardens car show, something that I know you will be interested in and enjoy. As you can see, it’s being used by the people, even though it’s not finished yet. The sides have to be cleaned up and some loose branches have to be cut, doesn’t look too safe to me. Photos were taken on 5/31

Jun 12 2014 Michael LaBarbera 3:01 PM

It would be nice to see it continue west across the park to Merrick Avenue, and somehow follow the path over the curvy old Newbridge Avenue bridge spot.

Jun 12 2014 Ted 9:33 PM

Howard- One more look, some time next week, with the last update. Hopefully it will be finished by then. How’d you like that car photo from Westbury Gardens?

Jun 13 2014 peter tumminello 12:25 PM

love it lived on elda ln just east of ladenburg estates can’t wait cruise on it tell m to keep going to over carmen to newbridge rd.

Jun 18 2014 Ted 12:57 AM

Howard- I went back for the last time to give an update. They somewhat cleaned up and put grass seed down, as you’ll see from the photos that I’ll send you, either later on today or tomorrow. Those loose branches on three trees are still there and the fence side needs to be cleaned up more, the street side is good. I noticed something on the street side. I didn’t see any grass seed where I thought there should be, I wondered why, I found out it wasn’t all dirt, it is cement or concrete, is it possible I might have found part of the Motor Parkway?

Jun 29 2014 frank femenias 1:43 AM

That winding trail on the historic right of way looks inviting. I believe it’s open for business. It’s time to rock and roll. Thank you Ted and all for presenting the pics and keeping its status updated!

Jun 30 2014 Ted 8:19 PM

Thanks for the thanks Frank. I found out that where the grass seeds weren’t planted. because of cement or concrete being there, isn’t part of the motor parkway from Al. at the meeting last week

Jul 01 2014 frank femenias 1:58 AM

Ted, the actual Motor Pkwy Right Of Way is very close to the constructed bike/hike trail, just across the street. It seems the LIMP right of way is almost always protected from future builders. The actual Right Of Way is on the over extended front lawns of the houses on the north side of Salisbury Drive. I believe that extra space to the street is the LIMP ROW.

Jul 02 2014 Ted 5:44 PM

Thanks again Frank. That’s almost like what Al told me, but you explained it a little bit more.

Jul 19 2014 Ted 1:05 AM

I took a quick look at the Motor Parkway Trail East Meadow, it not maintained very well, the grass seed that they put down didn’t take too well and the weeds are overgrown, on both sides. The trail is full of stuff falling from the trees, especially tree bark, not very safe for anything, I would say, maybe that’s why I didn’t see anyone, just walking your dog is about the safest thing. They did cut the branches I mentioned last time, the ones that where very loose. Everything else looks the same, so I didn’t bother with pictures.  That’s it on my updates.

Oct 26 2014 Ted 7:02 PM

On my way home today, from Cradle Aviation Museum, I took a look at what Salisbury Park Drive is like. They improved on it since I last updated it in July. Warning signs on path conditions were put up and there’s lines now. It looks better than it did the last time I saw it, just driving by at a quick glance

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