Dec 11 2016

Sam & Dave’s Excellent “Lost” Motor Parkway Adventure III:General Manager’s Office

On Saturday, March 12, 2016, Dave and his 11-year old son Sammy embarked on another bike adventure exploring lost and forgotten sections of the Long Island Motor Parkway. Dave Russo: "We did the same 38 mile bike trip this time as last time....the focus this time (and every trip going forward) was to find things that were new, different or off the beaten path."

In the third post of the 2016 series, Sam & Dave explore the Long Island Motor Parkway General Manager's Office located in Garden City.

As seen in the 1928 Motor Parkway Atlas, the General Manager's Office and the Garden City Lodge were just east of the Clinton Road Motor Parkway Bridge.

From 1915 to mid-1929, the first Long Island Motor Parkway General Manager's Office was built in Garden City for Alfred Kienzle.

Kienzle served as the Motor Parkway's General Manager from 1911 to 1938

The small building was replaced on the same location by this building. Note: the race car weathervane.

The building is still standing and is now a private residence.

This 1950 aerial shows the locations  of Clinton Road, the General Manager's Office and the Garden City Lodge.

Sam & Dave's Excellent Lost Motor Parkway Adventure

Dave Russo: The intent was to knock on the door of the residence which was the General Manager's Office. Well, the owner was outside cutting weeds when we arrived so that was easy! We talked to her for about 10 minutes. Very nice woman who is very into history and was fully aware of the house and what it was and has absolutely no plans to update/disrupt the exterior or interior of the house to change it from it's historical past.

Dave Russo: She was pretty impressive. She was actually upset a few years ago she told us when she had to change out the original boiler! She told us there are no original artifacts or memorabilia left in the house. She says that several things were taken to the Garden City Lodge before they bought the house she was told. I was curious if there was anything historical inside, but she said no. But the good news is as long as she's around I have complete confidence the house will remain exactly as is.

The rear of the building can be seen from the eastern embankment for the former Clinton Road Motor Parkway Bridge.

These square posts held the guardrails on the bridge's embankments.

This rarely seen view looking north on Clinton Road shows the remains of the eastern concrete embankment.

The eastern embankment intact in the 1930s.

The entrance to the General Manager's Office and the site of the Garden City Lodge is still lined with concrete posts.

The original site for the Garden City Lodge was located slightly to the left of this modern house. It was moved  and restored to Seventh Street  in Garden City in 1989.

The Garden City Lodge in its original location looking east.

The Garden City Lodge looking south.

Today, the Garden City Lodge is the home of the Garden City Chamber of Commerce and includes a small museum for the Long Island Motor Parkway.


Dec 11 2016 frank femenias 10:03 PM

Great shots Dave, Sammy, and Howard. Boy, that new Clinton Rd underpass pic still continues to prove the treacherous underpass as it was. I still would’ve love the bridge to remain intact today as it was. Really shame to see it go.

Dec 12 2016 LMK 9:41 AM

What an adventure….I really enjoy the series . Thanks for taking the time…

Dec 12 2016 James Spina 9:41 AM

I keep worrying that Roosevelt Field shopping Center Development will mess with this portion of the Parkway.

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