Apr 18 2009

The Elusive Bridges of the Motor Parkway

According to the book The Long Island Motor Parkway, 65 bridges were built by the Motor Parkway to bypass major roads and rail lines. Only five of these bridges are still standing today, three in Queens (73rd Avenue, Hollis Hills Terrace, and Springfield Boulevard) and two in Nassau County (Old Courthouse Road in Mahasset Hills and the farmway bridge in Old Bethpage Restoration Village).

Only 70% of the 65 bridges have been documented in photos. The above new bridge photo was discovered by Walter Gosden, editor of Motor Parkway Journal, the newsletter of the Long Island Sound Region of the Classic Car Club of America.

Can anyone help to identify the location of this bridge? There are several clues in the photo:

-The bridge has only a single opening. All the bridges in Queens had three openings or utilized railroad-type tresles.

-The "Avoid Congestion Shortest Route to New York" sign indicates the bridge is in east Nassau County or Suffolk County

-The "Motor Parkway Entrance" sign and arrow indicate the bridge is located near a toll lodge.

May 20, 2010 Update: See another view of this bridge and its likely location at this post.


Apr 22 2009 Scott Milazzo 10:16 AM

I cannot get enough of the info and pics on the LIMP. This site is a great source for all of this. Thank you for taking the time to present this great part of history. I’ve been fascinated with the LIMP for about 2 years now and have gone out on my own expeditions to find bridges and old RoW areas that you can still walk and explore. It’s like having our own “Route 66” of Long Island. Keep up the great work!!!

Apr 23 2009 Howard Kroplick 10:01 AM

Hi Scott:

Thanks for the feedback on VanderbiltCupRaces.com .


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