Oct 23 2009

Garden City News “Stewart School Quest Students Capture Archive Award”

Congratulations to the Quest students of the Stewart School of Garden City. The Garden City News reports the students have been awarded Certificates of Merit for their research film on the Long Island Motor Parkway.

Their entry, a movie, entitled "The Long Island Motor Parkway - the World’s First Highway", was the product of a semester long research project. The students used primary source documents to gather information to make history come alive including a visit to the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum in May 2009.


In appreciation of the museum's assistance, I presented the students' plaque to Stephanie Gress, Director of Curatorial Affairs, in August 2009.


Oct 25 2009 Richard A. Williams 7:47 AM

Garden City has always been a particpant in the preservation of the Long Island Motor Pkwy. Not only did part of the Pkwy run through G.C.  but they moved and restored one of the toll houses which is now used by their Chamber of Commerce.I played, road my bike,on several miles of the pkwy that ran through the village as a child. I particlarly remember going down the embankment on Clinton Rd,where there had once been a bridge crossing Clinton Rd, going toward the toll house.Stewart School is on the corner of Stewart AVE. and Clinton Rd. about 1/4 mile from where the toll house originally was located.

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