Jul 13 2016

The 1938 U.S. Department of Agriculture Aerial Suvey of Nassau County #1: Searingtown to Garden City

On August 3, 1938, the United States Department of Agriculture conducted an aerial survey of Nassau County. These enlargeable aerials (NC_8_3_38 series) have been posted  on the Stony Brook University Digital Research Collections.

Unfortunately, these aerials are not sorted, indexed by location and are combined with other aerials in the Stony Brook Collection. VanderbiltCupRaces.com has located the relevant aerials and will post them in a new series. First in the series is the Long Island Motor Parkway from Searingtown to Garden City.


Howard Kroplick

Searingtown to Mineola


Note: The Northern State Parkway under construction on the lower right corner.

Searingtown to Garden City


The Motor Parkway Bridges from Searingtown to Old Country Road in Garden City.

Mineola to Garden City


The Jericho Turnpike Motor Parkway Bridge and entrance to the Mineola Lodge.

The Mineola LIRR Motor Parkway Bridge and the Old Country Road Motor Parkway Bridge

The "Mayan Ruins" bridge, Clinton Road Motor Parkway Bridge, the General Manager's Office and the Garden City Lodge


Jul 14 2016 Brian D McCarthy 12:47 PM

Always appreciate just how clear and detailed these older aerials are. I guess it also helps that there was a lot less of development, too.

Jul 16 2016 Brian D McCarthy 8:02 PM

It sounds like you already located where the LIMP is situated within the Nassau County series, Howard. For my own curiosity, I located the LIMP east of Garden City and northwards towards Bethpage State Park basically. It’s the last two numbers of the 1938 series that change according to the area, I jotted them down. There’s a whole lot of Suffolk County maps to view as well. I’ll start with Lake Ronkonkoma and head west. Like you said, the maps don’t appear to be in order; so it’s takes time.

Jul 17 2016 Dave Russo 9:41 PM

Picture of Searingtown to Mineola….notice on the extreme right the Old Westbury Gardens property / tree lines. Awesome. Notice how much further the tree line goes extending west.

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