Apr 20 2013

The Amazing North Hempstead Clean-Up Day of the Motor Parkway in East Williston

As part of the Town of North Hempstead Earth Day Celebration, over 40 people cleaned the historic Motor Parkway section in East Williston between Roslyn Road and the Oyster Bay LIRR tracks.  The Community Clean-Up was organized by John Darcy, Commissioner of Community Services, and approved by Councilman Thomas Dwyer.

Among the groups participating were; the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society, the Buddist Tzu Chi Foundation USA Long Island Branch, school children and local residents. Over 25 bags of trash, two fallen trees and a couch were removed from the Motor Parkway.

Everyone agreed the clean-up was a truly rewarding experience.

HowardKroplick's 2013 N Hempstead Clean-Up Day album on Photobucket

Enjoy Earth Day,


Howard Kroplick





The view of the clean-up area looking west as seen in 1927. The Roslyn Lodge can be seen on the right.

Highlights of 2013 North Hempstead Clean-Up Day

Update: Photos from John Meehan (Photographer, Town of North Hempstead)

Update: May 2, 2013

The "couch" has finally been removed from the Motor Parkway!!

Update: May 3, 2013

Roslyn News May 3, 2013: Roslyn News "Earth Day Cleanup"
Note Correction: Model A Ford is owned by Bruce Adams

Update: May 10, 2013


Apr 21 2013 Chris Lindsley 8:33 PM

  I failed to put this down on the calendar. Great pics. As an FYI I have bad news Josato will be granted the right to place 4 houses on LIMP row in Levittown. I attended the TOH hearing 3/22 and got a copy of the decision. It still has to be approved at another level but it’s not good

Apr 22 2013 Bob Miller 12:55 PM

Even Mother Nature creates quite a lot of “garbage” (when it’s not in the right spot at mulch, etc.)  Congratulations to everyone for their interest/dedication in a wonderful cleanup.  Sorry I couldn’t join in, but was, and still am, upstate working on my retirement home-to-be.

Apr 22 2013 Ted 2:52 PM

A little late,but it was a very rewarding experience. The pictures are great,showing that everyone is hard at work and the progress we made. Is there going to be plans to come back here? I told some of my family about this and to go on the website and check it out,so maybe you’ll get more viewers and more comments,also to see if they can find me.

Apr 23 2013 Mike Cain 11:59 AM

This was my first cleanup project and I really enjoyed it. Good progress was made but this site will need more work in the future. I’m looking forward to joining you again for the next cleanup…hopefully Dead Man’s Curve. I’m disappointed to hear from Chris here that the historic site in Levittown will be developed. Hopefully the developer will allow us to do a dig for artifacts before construction begins. That was your idea Howard and I think it’s a good one! Who knows what we may find in the racetrack pit area.

Apr 23 2013 Ted 12:59 PM

Again great pictures,but better, showing more of the after clean-up

Apr 24 2013 Greg 7:21 PM

Great, great day! 
Since I was coincidently in that area today, I went by, and it mysteriously seems that black couch we labored on moving out, has already found it’s way back onto the LIMP! Thankfully though, it also seems the culprits did not damage the ‘highly secure’ fence we repaired.

I also love the idea of an ‘archeological dig’ before they start in Levittown, but sadly, I seriously doubt that would ever be allowed.

May 03 2013 Howard Kroplick 1:37 PM

Greg, good news! My friends and I removed the couch yesterday from the site.

May 03 2013 Ted 4:36 PM

How did it look? in good shape I hope,maybe know with the couch gone they won’t hang out there as much.

May 05 2013 Greg 9:36 PM

Just noticed the couch removal!
I’m sure they’ll be a few disappointed kids without someplace to hangout on, but that’s no place to stay with all the speeding cars going by!

May 07 2013 Ted 12:46 AM

I was in the area today,took a quick walk thru,was surprised to see that there wasn’t much litter around, from the kids at all,so Greg you’re right.“No Couch No Hang Out”.

Sep 26 2013 Ted 7:38 PM

Howard,have you been there since the clean-up or know about how it looks at this time? I was there and saw what it looks like,it’s not good,to bad I didn’t have my camera,I think you should go and look for yourself and you’ll see what I mean,you’ll be shocked at what you see,I was

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