Jul 10 2012

The Black Beast and the Red White Featured in the New History Channel Mini-Series

Long Island will be well-represented in the upcoming "The Men Who Built America" mini-series created for the History Channel. Today, Ed LaBounty's 1913 red White speedster and my Alco Black Beast re-enacted the historic 1901 sweepstakes race between Henry Ford and Alexander Winton.

This one-minute video preview filmed by John Cuocco shows several of the practice runs at Old Bethpage Village Restoration:

The eight-hour event series will premiere on the History Channel on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 9:00 pm. The Henry Ford episode is scheduled to be shown on Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 9:00 pm.


Howard Kroplick


The cast and crew of "The Men Who Built America" with Ed LaBounty (second from right) and me. I was cast as automobile pioneer Alexander Winton. Ready, action, race!


Jul 15 2012 cathy ball 2:39 AM

hot stuff! congratulations to you and Ed and the the beast.

Jul 15 2012 Rich Motycka 10:51 AM

Looks like the Beast wins again, as it did in Indy last year.

Jul 15 2012 Roger A. Price 2:12 PM

I loved it!!!  I can’t wait for the History Channel’s series to start.
Terrific video.

Jul 16 2012 R Troy 2:42 AM

Neat video.  I do wonder when History Channel will actually acknowledge the existence of this miniseries.  Nothing on their web site about it.  You’d think they would be excited!

Jul 16 2012 Bob Casey 9:28 AM

The footage of the Alco and the White is great and very evocative of the Vanderbilt Cup races. Unfortunately it is not evocative of the 1901 race between Henry Ford and Alexander Winton. That race took place on a one-mile oval horse track and the cars were much more primitive than the Alco and the White. Click on the “historic 1901 sweepstakes race” link that Howard has conveniently provided to see what the real race looked like. Ford’s winning car is on exhibit at Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, and the Museum has a running replica.

Jul 16 2012 Howard Kroplick 1:32 PM

Hi Bob:

Thanks for the post and information! 

The filmmakers definitely took some liberties with the cars and course. In one take, we almost rewrote history when my “Winton” car beat “Henry Ford’s” car to the finish line.  But, don’t worry, the Ford will be the victor in the final cut!

Jul 17 2012 Jeremy 7:06 PM

Ill have to keep an eye out for the series…

But I have a question… If you had an exact replica of the Alco would you be more tempted to push its outer limits in terms of speed?


Aug 10 2012 Howard Kroplick 1:15 PM

From Kaga1310:

“what beauties they are! i am absolutely amazed about this era of motor racing. “

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