May 24 2017

The Western Terminus Entrance to the Long Island Motor Parkway in Fresh Meadows, Queens, Circa 1935

This is the only known ground photo of the Western Terminus entrance to the Motor Parkway in Fresh Meadows, Queens.

The "50-Mile Drive" was actually only 44 miles. The  Motor Parkway toll was dropped from $1.00 to $0.40 in 1933, when business dramatically declined due to the opening of the Northern State. Parkway.


Howard Kroplick

Length of the Motor Parkway

In this 1936 memo from the Long Island Motor Parkway, Inc, the length of the road was 44.0 miles plus 2.1 miles of the Commack-Jericho Turnpike Extension.

Location of the Sign

The sign was likely located on the east side of the Motor Parkway at the intersection with Horace Harding Boulevard.


May 25 2017 Tom Padilla 8:41 AM

There is an historical marker near there by the pedestrian overpass. St Francis Prep HS is on the southwest corner of Franny Lew and Horace Harding Expressway. I live right on the opposite side, on the westbound HHE. I’ve seen photos from the 1940s before the Clearview Expy and LIE where Horace Harding is actually a boulevard.

May 25 2017 Brian D McCarthy 3:42 PM

Question….The LIMP was 16 ft in width after Bethpage Lodge? Or just at a certain point in the town of Bethpage?

May 25 2017 Dave Russo 10:55 PM

Franny Lew. Nice. Queens lingo.

As a Westbury boy it was interesting to me that Howard tells me he found this picture at the Westbury library. Wonder how it got there. Wonder where this sign is now!

May 28 2017 S. Berliner, III 3:38 PM

Ar risk of being tedious, I am still trying to find my old pix showing a tree-lined “apron” running westerly along the south verge of HHB from the entry to 193rd St. (!  Sam, III

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