Sep 27 2014

The Golf Courses Along the Long Island Motor Parkway

Golf writer Phil Carlucci for the website  GolfonLongIsland has requested photos of the golf course that were adjacent to the Long Island Motor Parkway.

Phil Carlucci: "As a huge fan of local history, especially on Long Island roads and infrastructure, I've read much of your (and others) material on the Motor Parkway.  I know, as a result, that the Motor Parkway has a very intimate relationship with Long Island's golf courses, since the Parkway was laid out through or beside many prominent Nassau County clubs.  Do you have any golf-course-related photos in your Parkway collection?"

Phil, I have documented the below eight golf courses bordering, adjacent and even divided by the Long Island Motor Parkway in Queens and Nassau County.


Howard Kroplick

Rand MCNally Motor Guide to Golf Links- 1920

In 1920, Rand McNally published a Motor Guide to the golf links on Long Island.

The Motor Parkway was highlighted on the map.

Fresh Meadows Golf Course, Fresh Meadows, Queens

The original Fresh Meadows Golf Course opened in 1923 and was the host of the 1932 US Open.

The golf course was located at the western terminus of the Motor Parkway.

Glen Oaks Country Club, Glen Oaks, Queens

In this spectacular 1928 aeria, the clubhouse can be seen in the lower left corner. The Motor Parkway is adjacent to  course on the right.. The Glen Oaks Club opened in 1925 and would move to Old Westbury in 1971.

In this June 10, 1952 aerial , the golf course is on the upper right. The long abandoned Motor Parkway bridge over Northern State Parkway is the bridge west of the Laeville Road Bridge  on the right. The modified course is now the North Shore Towers and Country Club.

Links Golf Club, Searingtown

As seen in this 1924 aerial, the Motor Parkway was the southern border of the Links.

Members of the Links had their own private entrance to the Motor Parkway.

Wheatley Hills Golf Club, East Williston

Founded in 1913, the Motor Parkway split the western and eastern sections of the Wheatley Hills Golf Club.

The "golfway" Motor Parkway bridge connecting the golf course. Courtesy of Bob Valentine.

The Motor Parkway can be seen behind this photo handing in the current clubhouse.

Intercollegiate Golf Club, later Old Westbury Club, Garden City

Another wonderful 1938 aerial showing the Motor Parkway going around Roosevelt Field and the golf course.

Old Westbury Club, Meadow Brook Golf Club, and Salisbury Links

The Motor Parkway can be seen parallel to Stewart Aveue in this 1938 aerial filled with golf courses.

Meadow Brook Golf Club and Coldstream Golf Club, East Meadow

In this 1938 aerial of Mitchel Field, the Meadow Brook Polo Field and Meadow Brook Golf Club  were also captured. The Coldstream Golf Club was located south of Hempstead Turnpike. Note the concrete runway of Mitchel Field was under construction reflecting the approaching World War. The Motor Parkway and a section of Roosevelt Raceway can be seen in the right corner.

Meadow Brook Golf Club and Salisbury Links, East Meadow

This aerial was taken on July 30, 1936.

The intersection of Hempstead Turnpike and Merrick Avenue can be seen in this March 29, 1949 aerial. My family home was two miles away from this spot.

The Meadow Brook was a real links course. Eventually it was relocated to Old Westbury with the buidling of the Meadowbrook Parkway.

Salisbury Links and Salisbury Country Club, East Meadow

A 1924 aerial of East Meadow  with the Motor Parkway , Stewart Avenue and Central Railroad along the bottom.

This 1940 aerial shows the Motor Parkway and the entrance to the Meadow Book Lodge on the left.

Coldstream Golf Club, East Meadow

An August 3, 1938 aerial of the Coldstream Golf Club. Front Street can be seen along the bottom, Merrick Avenue to the right and Hempstead Turnpike along the top.

Bethpage State Park, Farmingdale and Old Bethpage

This aerial was taken on October 16, 1935.

This 1939 aerial showing the Motor Parkway starting from the lower left corner is currently hanging in the Bethpage State Park Clubhouse.

The Motor Parkway is in the right corner of this aerial taken on August 25, 1935.


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