Feb 19 2020

Kleiner’s Korner: Documentation of the Long Island Motor Parkway Bridges in Nassau County (#43-#52)

The final part of the Nassau County Motor Parkway Bridge series is presented here from the Massapequa-Hicksville Motor Parkway Bridge (#43) to the The Old Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge (#52).

Ar Kleiner


Feb 22 2020 S. Berliner, III 9:33 PM

Fraud!  Fake news! Misrepresentation!  #53 Clody Farmway Bridge (Melville Sand Pits) is in Suffolk County (the county line is at the fence between the Restoration and the sand pits)!  Sam, III

Feb 23 2020 Howard Kroplick 5:20 AM

From Art: Thanks for fact-checking Sam!  Duly noted and changes made.

Feb 24 2020 Al Velocci 8:50 PM

Art, Has anyone commented on the length of the Parkway bridge over Central Ave./LIRR at Bethpage? The three span Parkway bridge over Westbury Ave. in Mineola is less than 80 feet across. the one over Central Ave./LIRR is between 96-100 feet. Anyone?

Feb 25 2020 frank femenias 9:37 PM

Al, a construction schematic indicates the girder’s size at 106’ 0” on the west side, and 105’ 2.5” on the east. The 1926 aerial measures the bridge’s shadow at 107’.

image image image

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