Jan 18 2020

Update: The Roslyn Grist Mill and a Tuckerette

This Thursday, as president of the Roslyn Landmark Society, I will be assisting teams of preservation specialists who will raise the historic Roslyn Grist Mill eight feet so that a new foundation can be poured. Amazingly, Kawika Sylva, the foreman of the lifting team, has a link to the history of the Tucker automobile.

When Kawika discovered that I own Tucker 1044, he informed me that his aunt, Karen Sylva was a model and played a Tuckerette in the 1988 film Tucker: A Man and His Dream. Responding to my request, John Tucker, Preston Tucker's grandson, was able to track down two wonderful images of Karen Sylva during the filming. Kawika Sylva has forwarded these photos to his aunt. Thanks, John!

Isn't it great when two totally different aspects of your life come together! 


Howard Kroplick

Courtesy of John Tucker

Karen Sylva is second from the right.

Karen Sylva is in the second row, far right.

Film: Tucker: A Man and His Dream

In the film, the Tuckerettes appear at the launch of the Tucker automobile. Karen Sylva can be sign on the far left.

The Roslyn Grist Mill

Come see a once-in-a lifetime event, when the Roslyn Grist Mill is raised this Thursday from 10:00 am to Noon.


Kawika Sykva lifting the 78-ton Roslyn Grist Mill on Thursday.

Kawika and me after the Roslyn Grist Mill was lifting.


Jan 19 2020 LMK 9:40 AM

What a great coincidence…

Jan 19 2020 S. Berliner, III 3:15 PM

You’ve curdled my blood with those interior shots, Howard!  I all-too-well remember being the perfect little gentleman, accompanying my mother (however unwillingly) to tea at the Mill!  That could be me in that one shot - except that I would NEVER have had my cap on indoors!  Seems to me it was at grade then (ca. ‘45-‘47?).  When was the road raised (1900s) - and why?  I imagine there was much more room between the roadway and the entrance back when I was a kid, which might explain my recollection of it being at grade.  Great work, though; I hope to see it all documented hereon.  Sam, III
Howard Kroplick I

Sam, they raised the road bed when they filled in a section of Silver Lake opposite the Mill with landfill.

Jan 19 2020 Brian D McCarthy 3:22 PM

Absolutely Howard, this was all meant to happen. A recent discovery of my family history proves just that. Hope to make it to Roslyn this Thursday.

Howard Kroplick

Hope to see you there. Event is likely to be covered by NYC and Long Island media.

Jan 19 2020 frank femenias 9:20 PM

Will be missing this on Thursday while in CA. Hoping the pre-revolutionary mill’s raising is captured on video/photos!

Jan 21 2020 John Tucker 4:41 PM

Glad that I could be of help. I’m so glad that our families have this common bond and it’s growing!

Howard Kroplick

John, you just gave me a very big smile!!

Jan 24 2020 Howard Kroplick 7:40 PM

Images of Kawika Sylva have been added.

Jan 25 2020 S. Berliner, III 2:55 PM

I know I’m being an oodge but just WHEN was the roadway raised and (assuming I’m remembering correctly) when was if widened to its present width (i.e., almost to the mill doorsill)?  Still hoping you’ll be able to show us the actual lift.  Sam, III

Howard Kroplick I

The roadbed was expanded by four feet around 1910. The entire lift last Thursday took five hours. We are working on a time-lapse video.

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