May 08 2018

The Special Tucker ‘48 Ad in the 1948 Indy 500 Race Program

Seventy years ago, the Tucker Corporation developed this special customized ad that was placed in the 1948 Indy 500 Race Program.


Howard Kroplick

Highlighted Features:

Rear Engine in the Medium Price field

128 inch Wheel Base. Only 5 feet high road to roof.

Tucker '48, the first completely new car in 50 years!

Speedway-born and Speedway-tested to be the pacemaker of the automotive world for years to come.

COMPLETELY NEW- Yet with Engineering  Principles COMPLETELY Proved

Veteran Indy driver Ralph Hepburn was hired by the Tucker Corporation in 1947 to enter race cars in the 1947 Indy 500 Race to promote the Tucker '48. He became a Tucker regional manager and a test driver for the firm

Still competitive at the age of 52 years, Hepburn qualified for the 1948 Indy 500 Race. Sadly, during a practice run, he lost control of his Novi racer, hit the wall at speed and did not survive the crash.


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