Oct 29 2013

Then & Now: The Proposed Fulton Avenue Entrance to the Motor Parkway in Hempstead (Part II)

In 1907, Long Island Motor Parkway, Inc. planned to connect the Parkway to Fulton Avenue and Hempstead by a 1.3 spur road.  Today's post will review the southern section of the extension and the proposed entrance on Fulton Avenue.The northern section of the Hempstead Spur was documented in Part I.


Howard Kroplick


As seen in this Belcher Hyde map,  the Hempstead Spur extension headed south crossing Stewart Avenue and ending to the east of the Sidney Dillon Ripley property.

February 1908 Survey

This survey indicated that the Town of Hempstead had a plan to extend California Avenue  (which still ends south of Fulton Avenue) to Old Country Road. Note the reference to the "Spur".

1928 Motor Parkway Atlas

Twenty-one years after the original Spur survey, the Motor Parkway Atlas included the "proposed extension to Hempstead" in 1928. The spur road was never built.

The property purchased by the Motor Parkway adjoining Fulton Avenue was to the east of the Ripley property.

Then: August 3, 1938 Aerial

This Mitchell Field aerial shows the Motor Parkway and Roosevelt Raceway set up for midget racing. The proposed 1.3-mile Hempstead Spur is highlighted.


The same view today as seen by Google Earth. Can you spot remnants of the Mitchel Field runway?

The proposed Motor Parkway entrance on Fulton Avenue (now Hempstead Turnpike) is now the Hofstra University Arboretum.

The arboretum was built on a two-acre recharge basin (AKA as a sump).

Hofstra's University Club/Mack Hall is located on the former Ripley property.


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