Feb 18 2009

The Toll Kiosks of the Motor Parkway

Bruce, according to my research, eight of the 20 Long Island Motor Parkway toll collection structures were kiosks, booths or shanties. As discussed last week, it is my opinion that the above kiosk at Nassau Boulevard (as seen on July 9, 1938) was originally built by the Motor Parkway. As shown below, the Nassau Boulevard Toll Lodge (kiosk) was similar (although smaller) than kiosks in Lake Success, Mineola and Brentwood.


The Great Neck toll kiosk was located south of the toll lodge at Lake Success from 1912 to 1938. Tolls were collected from cars travelling to and from Queens.


This view of the Great Neck kiosk shows the Motor Parkway toll collector in uniform and the gate blocking cars.


The Jericho Turnpike Lodge was a kiosk located in Mineola from 1910 to 1921. The kiosk was taken down in 1921 with the opening of the larger Mineola Lodge in 1921.


The first Brentwood Lodge was a kiosk at Washington Avenue in Brentwood from 1911-1921. This image, courtesy of Virgina MacMurray, was described in our book The Long Island Motor Parkway . The kiosk was destroyed in 1921 when the Brentwood Lodge was moved to Commack.


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