Sep 24 2019

Tucker 1044 Highlights from the Peconic Bay AACA Hallockville Farm Meet

It was a great time last Sunday with over 250 automobiles and a large crowd  having fun in Riverhead. Hats off to GT Joey and the Peconic Bay AACA Region for an outstanding car show.

For the second consecutive week, Tucker 1044 was honored with the Best in Show Award.


Howard Kroplick

GT Joey Limongelli was an amazing moderator throughout the entire show!

Courtesy of Wayne Breiman

Courtesy of Mike Malkush


Sep 25 2019 Michael Cain 9:46 AM

It was an excellent show! The best turnout I’ve ever seen at this show. Sorry I missed you Howard but the Tucker was beautiful as usual. Congratulations!

Sep 29 2019 Phil Kneer 7:45 AM

Thank you for sharing and passing along your experience and knowledge to those who can’t participate !

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