Nov 24 2018

Videos: Tucker 1044 Returns Home to Roslyn

After being away for its amazing eight-month restoration, Tucker 1044 has returned this week to its Waterfront at Roslyn garage.


Howard Kroplick

Rob Ida driving Tucker 1044 on Main Street for a wheel alignment.

Loading Tucker 1044 at Ida Automotive in Morganville, New Jersey into our trailer retrofitted with a RailRyder system. Very cool!

Rob Ida: Now this is the way to pick up a Tucker. Enclosed carrier with a remote floor. You can tie the car down outside the trailer, then power it all in already tied down. Now you can avoid climbing out of the window and driving the car past the cables and fenders.  Courtesy of Rob Ida.

This is the first time that I drove Tucker 1044 since the restoration. Wonderful!

Rob Ida paid a visit to the Waterfront at Roslyn garage today. Courtesy of Rob Ida


Nov 24 2018 Mark Lanese 11:49 PM

Looks perfect Howard. Look forward to seeing it in person.

Nov 25 2018 James and Gram 7:32 AM

Your sense of sharing and engagement truly makes THIS car and all of your collection the pride of Long Island. We cannot thank you enough!

Nov 25 2018 John Hotetz 8:35 AM

Such a great feeling to have your Tucker back home all restored, and looking as if it just rolled of the assembly line. Thank you for bringing back the past in all its glory.

  Regards John (1966 Pontiac GTO)

Nov 25 2018 frank femenias 9:04 AM

Looks awesome Howard. All the lines meet beautifully, like it just rolled off the sales floor. It’s 1948 all over again!

Nov 25 2018 Phil Kneer 9:44 AM

Thank you Howard for sharing the Tucker restoration experience.

Nov 25 2018 Brian McHale 4:28 PM

Congratulations. There’s No place like Home. I can’t wait to see it in person.

Nov 25 2018 Mitch Hackett 5:05 PM

Thanks for going with the original color.  I am not a fan of repainting in a different color than original.  Enjoy it Howard!  Mitch

Nov 25 2018 mark schaier 10:02 PM

Manage to fit all your collectables with room to spare for the old Ford tanker truck, well planned for a snug fit. The retrofit trailer adaptable for your all cars? Mark

Nov 26 2018 Sebastiano D'Agostino 1:55 AM

Howard asked me a while back what color should he re-paint the Tucker 48?  I informed him, the original color.  I believe many antique car owners, like myself agree with me.  Enjoy your newly repainted Tucker 48, Howard.


Nov 26 2018 Mike Cain 9:38 AM

Looks beautiful Howard! Looking forward to seeing it in person. That trailer sure makes it easy to load. I don’t think Wayne Carini has one since they have his cars driven onto the trailer on Chasing Classic Cars.

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