Aug 31 2019

Tucker Topics & AACA Museum Reflections:The Most Impactful Tucker People- The Mt. Rushmore of Tucker

In the combined summer 2019 issue of Tucker Topics and the AACA Museum Reflections magazine, Larry Clark names the Mt. Rushmore of the 50 "Most Impactful People". It is an honor that the Tucker 1044 team of Rob Ida, Sean Tucker, Mike Tucker, John Tucker Jr. and me were named to the Tucker 50.


Howard Kroplick

The Mt. Rushmore of Tucker by Larry Clark

"The most obvious first name has to be Preston Tucker. No explanation needed. I also consider him the placeholder for all of his immediate family members, extending to the recent exciting work of John Jr., Sean and Mike Tucker with Rob Ida. Who else?"

"Howard Kroplick. His passion is contagious. Thanks to social media, we were there with Kroplick during the incredible restoration of #1044 and its showing at Pebble Beach (#1044 had my vote)."

"Rob Ida. Ida's tribute vehicles and his restoration of #1044 are incredible (his family tie-in to Tucker is itself a great story)."

"It is time. My final names for the Mount Rushmore of Most Impactful Tucker People.  In alphabetical order, they are Alex Tremulis, Nick Jenin, David Cammack, and Preston Tucker. My honorary guides are "Fuzzy" Fruzyna, Richard Jones and Ezra Schlipf."


Sep 01 2019 Howard Kroplick 1:34 PM

...loved the photo.  Way to go!


Sep 01 2019 S. Berliner, III 3:33 PM

C’mon, people; get it right!  That’s a photofake of Rushmore!  The REAL Mt. Rushmore of Tuckers is attached.  Sam, III

Sep 01 2019 S. Berliner, III 3:35 PM

Ooops!  Wrong button!  Sorry.  Sam, III

Sep 01 2019 John Tucker 9:00 PM

Coming from Larry, one of the most fair and important members of our Tucker family, being recognized is indeed an honor. Thank you.

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