Feb 25 2017

VanderbiltCupRaces.com Exclusive: A Motor Parkway Treasure Chest Found in Malverne

A treasure chest of over 100 Long Island Motor Parkway surveys, maps, blueprints and drawings has been discovered in the basement of a commercial building in Malverne, Long Island. The chest belonged to engineer Arthur Archibald who surveyed the Motor Parkway from 1906 to 1938.

These treasures will be highlighted on VanderbiltCupRaces.com thoughout 2017. The story behind the discovery and a few highlights are below.


Howard Kroplick

The Discovery

Contractor Roy Knoernschild was asked to clean out the basement of a commerical building in Malverne.

Roy discovered this wooden chest hidden in a corner.

Inside the chest were maps, drawings, surveys and blueprints of the Long Island Motor Parkway. The majority were drawn by  Arthur Archibald of Hempstead, New York, a primary surveyor of the Motor Parkway from 1906 to 1938.

In another section of the basement, Roy found these vintage surveying equipment.

Treasure Chest Highlights

An 11-foot map of Long Island featuring the Motor Parkway issued in February 1908.

A map showing the roads to Petit Trianon.

1924 plan showing the entrances to the Motor Parkway at Rocky Hill Road (Springfield Boulevard) in Queens.

The blueprint for the planned parkway bridge over Commack Road.

Survey for the location for the Mineola Lodge.

1924 Map No. One "Parkway crossing the North Hempstead Turnpike".

1929 plan to lengthen the Newbridge Road Motor Parkway Bridge.

1929 plan for a crossing over the Long Island Motor Parkway in Searington.

The plan called for either a proposed footbridge or 'subway". It was never built.


Feb 26 2017 James Spina 6:55 AM


Feb 26 2017 Bill bleyer 7:08 AM

Howard, what’s going to happen to them? Did you acquire them? Bill

Howard Kroplick:

Bill, Roy has graciously donated all the material to me with the promise that I will make them available to everyone.

Feb 26 2017 Laura and Kenneth Harris 11:19 AM

Terrific find.  How nice that somebody realized its importance and didn’t just toss it into the garbage cans.


Feb 26 2017 Jim Mead 11:52 AM

Howard, So happy for you and posterity!  The reason we all “keep at it”...  I presume your efforts are so well known in the area that Roy immediately thought of you, or is there more to the story?
All best,
Jim Mead
Owego, NY

Feb 26 2017 Art Kleiner 11:53 AM

You’ve scored another grand slam, Howard!  Can’t wait to see more.

Feb 26 2017 kevin mcquade 12:24 PM

I see the blueprints above for the planned parkway bridge over Commack Rd, but what I could never understand is how the Vanderbilt Parkway crossed Commack Road without disrupting traffic on Commack Road. I live nearby in Dix Hills and drive on both roads every day but there is no evidence of an overpass every being at that intersection, and if there every was, when was it taken down?
On a separate note, my wife Lisa and I love your new acquisition, were big fans and always try to say hello when we see your at various car shows. Thanks again, kevin and Lisa.
Howard Kroplick

Kevin and Lisa, thanks for the comments. The Commack Road bridge was planned but never built:


Feb 26 2017 Rich 12:32 PM

Wow!  Very Exciting.  Long Island now has its own version of King Tut’s Tomb!

Feb 26 2017 S. Berliner, III 4:05 PM

I go along with Kevin McQ.  Just how DID the LIMP cross Commack Road - at grade?  What about access and egress, toll collection/jumping, etc., please?  What with all the bridges over and under dinky little farm roads and footpaths and such, how could Commack Road escape?  Sam, III

Feb 26 2017 S. Berliner, III 4:08 PM

‘Ray for Roy!  Sure glad it’ll be YOU posting all this (not me any longer).  Please post hi-res images so we can see what’s on them in detail.  Sam, III

Feb 26 2017 Gary Hammond 5:52 PM

Fabulous find!  It’s great that Mr. Knoernschild realized their research value and got them to you to share with the rest of us - he really deserves a big thank you from all of us!  What I find interesting is that they were in a wood crate sent to Republic Aviation Corporation, Farmingdale from a supplier in Buffalo - I suppose it contained aircraft parts (I couldn’t read all the stenciling on the lid).

Feb 26 2017 Joseph DeBono 6:45 PM

This is really terrific the treasures just keep on coming

Feb 26 2017 Bob Richardson 7:08 PM

Keep Up The Good Work

Feb 26 2017 Brian D McCarthy 7:21 PM

No doubt, this was meant to happen. Speaking for all I’m sure, we look forward to your future blogs concerning this find; Howard. And I’ll definitely search where a William St was in close proximity to the LIMP.

Feb 26 2017 Joel Friedman 7:23 PM

Absolutely terrific find! So generous to make this material available. Loved the North Hempstead Tpke Bridge drawing showed Central RR Right of Way!

Feb 26 2017 Brian D McCarthy 8:31 PM

I just realized the last 2 plans involved the underpass/overpass between William St and Sigsbee Ave. Likely for safe passage to the school.

Feb 26 2017 Dave Russo 8:41 PM

This is a fantastic find. Remarkable that after all this time this stuff was still there and in such good condition. Looking forward to more details of these findings.

Feb 26 2017 Mark D 9:19 PM

This is so wonderful that history was saved from oblivion

Feb 27 2017 L.M.K. 8:45 AM

Just another echo, amazing find…..

Feb 27 2017 Mike Cain 9:49 AM

As others have noted Thank God they were not thrown away! These historic documents are now in good hands. Looking forward to seeing more about them.

Feb 27 2017 Ted 12:04 PM

Wow,best find yet,I’d,bet there’s probably more out there,you just have to keep on searching.You guys are doing a great job doing it too

Feb 27 2017 frank femenias 1:24 PM

Yikes! This is gonna be good!! THANK YOU ROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 27 2017 frank femenias 8:33 PM

Noticed Wheeler Bros over by the N Hemp Tpke bridge. Their farm actually extended this far from Alley Pond Park?! Need to brush up some more on my history. These finds are already causing impact

Feb 28 2017 Dave Russo 7:29 PM

This discovery is something Newsday would more than likely be interested in as would community papers in and around Malverne. This is a great story.

Mar 13 2017 Chris Battestin 5:11 PM

That’s a big Twinkie!

Feb 22 2018 Becky 12:56 PM

Just googled Engineering of Arthur Archibald, and saw your article.  My mother told me that my grandfather from Nova Scotia was an engineer and was quite inventive. Could this be him?  Please respond.
Howard Kroplick

Becky, I need some additional information from you to begin trying to help. Please forward to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .

Apr 13 2018 Becky 9:31 PM

Hi Howard, did you ever get a chance to look at my grandfather’s information? ( Arthur Archibald )

Howard Kroplick

Becky, please provide additional information on your grandfather such as where did he live.

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