Nov 19 2014

Video: The 1990 Testimonial Dinner for Henry Austin Clark, Jr.

On November 10, 1990, over 75 friends and family gathered to honor automotive collector and historian Henry Austin Clark Jr. at Harvey's Chelsea Restaurant.

As shown in this six-minute highlight film, speakers included Walt McCarthy, Walt Gosden and Beverly Rae Kimes. The original 90-minute film was provided by Walt Gosden.



To hear the story behind this memorable event, you are cordially invited to attend a special presentation “A Tribute to Henry Austin Clark, Jr & the Long Island Automotive Museum” this Thursday in Bethpage. Walt McCarthy and Walt Gosden will discuss the life and times of this Long Island automobile icon based on their own personal experiences, photos and films.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, November 20, 2014 beginning at 7:30 pm at the auditorium at Bethpage Public Library, 47 Powell Avenue, Bethpage, NY. Everyone is welcome to the meeting. Please bring your friends and neighbors.


Howard Kroplick

Walt McCarthy

Walt Gosden (left) and Henry Austin Clark Jr. (right)

Beverly Rae Kimes


Nov 24 2014 Margaret Vitale 7:48 AM

Austin was a very important part of my husband’s and my life when we were organizing the 1981 Glidden Tour on the Island for AACA.  I found a trophy of James Melton’s(past AACA Pres) in the loft in one of the Buildings at the L.I. Auto Museum.  Austin donated it to us and we had a trophy made for the tour. It remains at the National headquarters in Hershey .

Nov 28 2014 Walt Gosden 8:30 AM

I participated in that Glidden Tour that Margaret & George organized, and was there when they found the trophy in the loft of the museum. That tour was the best week long driving event I have ever taken part in, it was just incredible. The museum had closed by 1981, but Austin opened it up for the tour participants to have one more look. It was a huge amount of work for the Vitale’s to organize that tour and it went off perfectly.

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