Jan 06 2010

The Motor Parkway Weathervane in Garden City

Walter, as discussed last week, in 1929 a new Garden City office was built for Alfred J. Kienzle, the Motor Parkway's General Manager from 1911 to1938. As seen in this December 2009 photo, the building, now a private residence, does not currently have a weathervane.


However, the book The Long Island Motor Parkway includes an older undated photo of the office building. Check out the roofline.......It's the weathervane!


A close-up of the weathervane shows the images of a car and a running dog.


Amazingly, Al Velocci found the September 1929 invoice for the weathervane in the archives of the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum. The aluminum "Speeding" weathervane #15 was made by The Distinctive Products of Wrightswille, Pennsylvania and cost $35. The weathervane was sold to Arthur G. Archibald, the parkway's engineer from 1927 to 1938, marked for the "New Office Bldg" and "Paid by A".


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