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  • Aug 08 2017

    Audio: “The Little Chauffeur” from the 1906 Broadway Show “The Vanderbilt Cup”

    After the opening of the 1906 Broadway hit "The Vanderbilt Cup", Billy Murray, known as the Denver Nightingale, recorded this version of "The Little Chauffeur " from the show.

  • May 10 2011

    Elsie Janis and The Broadway Show “The Vanderbilt Cup”

    Tyler: "I was wondering what info you had about Elsie Janis in The Vanderbilt Cup (1906). She was from Columbus, Ohio and I am too and I am interested in automotive history and Columbus history. Any info would be great! Thank you so much!"

  • Dec 23 2010

    Prominent Women of the Vanderbilt Cup Races

    The daybreak start of the Vanderbilt Cup Races attracted thousands of adventurous men and women who streamed into Long Island from New York City. With hotels and roadhouses overflowing, they camped, gambled, drank, socialized, and established a tradition of revelry that became a hallmark of the event. Women made up

  • Jul 02 2009

    Hear and See the 1906 Broadway Musical “The Vanderbilt Cup”

    Continuing last week's exploration of the 1906 Broadway musical The Vanderbilt Cup" starring Elsie Janis, I have discovered music from the show on an original piano roll and placed it on the soundtrack of this six-minute film.

  • Jun 24 2009

    Vanderbilt Cup Race Drivers on the Broadway Stage in 1906

    Last week, a photo was posted of Elsie Janis on stage for the 1906 musical The Vanderbilt Cup. The above recently restored photo was taken during the same night as the drivers and mechanicians posed with Elsie Janis after the show.